Monday, November 14, 2011

CRKT Hissatsu Folder Review

For complete (constantly updated) glossaries of technical terms used in this review, please click here.

My last review on tactical knife was for the CRKT M21-12G. Some of you that collect knife or venturing to do so will now have a rough beginner's idea what responsible knife ownership meant. A knife - be it a kitchen knife, a paring knife, a parang, a modified from hacksaw knife (as they are high carbon steel), a key and even a Swiss Army Knife (SAK) is a weapon that can hurt and maimed if used abusively and for the wrong reason.
On the contrary, if the ownership of the knife is for everyday usage - like for example, you need a cutting tool to open a box of tightly sealed chocolate (lets just assume), having an EDC handy is a lifesaving decision.
Today, i will be reviewing the CRKT Hissatsu Folder.
Image from CRKT website. I love my Hissatsu too much to let it penetrate a 1 inch board.
The decision to review this beauty was because i wanted to eat an orange today. Not just any orange, but the South African Navel Orange. They are sweet and delicious.
Then, i could not find a knife in the office pantry.
I don't peel my orange and i like them cut horizontally so when i pull the skin down, the saps will all be exposed for my teeth to sink in.
No orange is safe
As i do carry an EDC in my bag and the Hissatsu has been the "week's choice", i could not find anything more apt to have the honour of drawing the "first juice".
CRKT Hissatsu Folder is the smaller baby of the fixed Hissatsu that will be almost impossible to be bought and sent into our country Malaysia. Perhaps, it will not go pass the Custom and will end up at home - just not mine.
Hissatsu Fixed Blade Tactical from CRKT Website.
Per the glossary, Hissatsu simply meant a short dagger, but with a lot of Japanese influence. The knife has a tanto like appearance (by the way, Tanto is also a Japanese knife) that mimics the full Katana sword - only smaller. Being designed this way, the knife are designed to stab, poke and slice - in one movement. It is possible to stab using this knife and slice it in one go. Think hara-kiri (or honor suicide) and you will get the idea what this knife can do.
Hissatsu Folder is designed by James Williams, a former US Army officer with about 45years of experience. He is also an international trainer for special forces and a master in a few martial art. While Hissatsu is not something "new", what he did was to incorporate the ancient design with modern materials. The AUS8 blade withstand abuse while keeping the cutting edge - something important to maintain the knife's intention of slashing. The rating of HRC58-59 ensure that the knife stays tough under demanding circumstances.
The blade come in at 3.875 inches with the fully opened knife at 8.75inches. It weight about 160grams or 5.8ounces. Light enough to be carried everyday and heavy enough for you to know it's there. Folded, it fits into a G2000 pants pocket pretty nicely (as these pants are notorious for shallow pockets). The invention of this folder was not to replace the fixed Hissatsu. As some military operations might require more covert movement, carrying a fixed 12 inch Hissatsu will only give your cover away. However, the equation changes if you can slip the unassuming 5inches plastic "ruler" in your pocket. Who would had guessed i took out a knife to cut an orange?
Subtle. Ruler to measure the orange diameter. a Medium sized orange gives about 64kcal.
The Zytel handle were chosen for weight management. Some may say that it's cheap but i say it suits it's purpose. Zytel are widely used as a custom sheath for some fixed knife due to the ease to form/deform the material under exposure to heat. No issues here. The knife has the CRKT AutoLAWKS that virtually turn the folder into a fixed knife upon full deployment. Folding back of the knife is a one hand operation that you can learn and master after a few minutes.
AutoLAWKS in tactical black. Almost invisible.
Unlike the M21 that comes with a Carson Flipper for fast deployment, Hissatsu Folder comes with OUTBURST. It is basically assisted opening (spring) that can be disabled by removing a screw and taking out the mechanism. Assisted opening can be illegal in some countries due to the possibility of "automatic" opening. Rest assured that this baby, though assisted, will not spring open unless you want it to.
Here is a video of the impressive OutBurst. Listen to the very sweet "click" of the knife springing open and locking in one move. Now you can open the knife in one swift move under distress and under pressure and no flicking of the wrist needed!
The OutBurst is patented under U.S. Patents 5,596,808 7,437,822, 5,596,808.
The blade is covered with black non-reflective teflon for that "tactical" look. Sure bring out the boy in you. The blade comes sharp and ready to be used. Like i said, luckily i had this with me, else i will not be having my orange.
Clean cut. Not a drop of orange juice lost. Minimal effort.
 The knife comes with a two position clip very much like M21. Which is more than enough. In fact, i never clip my knife unless i take them for running. THe two position allows for ambidextrous usage and the knife is ever ready to be deployed for right hander and left hander alike.
Retailing at USD99.99 in US of A, this knife has the option of unassisted (non-OutBurst) version that will also cost the same.
Own and Use Knife Responsibly. You are what you cut!


  1. Own and Use Knife Responsibly. You are what you cut!

    You are an orange

  2. Orange i am. :) they are sweet and nutritional!

    ANd yes, use knife responsibily!