Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Volvo V70 XC : For Sale

You know us triathletes and cyclists tend to base our car purchase on how many bikes the car can carry. Never mind if the car can fit only two person, as long as it can carry four bicycles of any kind. I know i based the purchase of my soccer mum car (Hyundai Matrix) because it has roof rack ready for me to haul those bikes to the places i want to cycle.
Naturally, I have laid eyes on those trucks and station wagons. With some of the prices being out of reach for a middle income earner like me - for example to even consider a second hand Subaru Forestor for example or even a workhorse like a Toyota Hilux. I don't believe in paying more than RM100,000 for a car and i will leave it as original as possible. Like a friend said "If the car don't look good as it is inside or outside of showroom, then no point buying"
Today, i received a request from a friend to help sell his station wagon. It is no less than a Volvo.
To be exact, it is the V70 XC.
Details by the current owner (and reason for selling):
Volvo V70 XC 2001 (Second Generation) Metallic Silver. Good condition. Original option rear facing 3rd-row seat for kids with safety belts. Service and parts history records available. Super clean. Nice number. Michelin tires (Primacy LC). 3M tinting. Mostly highway outstation mileage. 
Price: RM55,000 ONO. (highly negotiable too)
Nice Front
Work done in 2011: Recently rebuilt gearbox. New drive shaft, tie rod ends, absorber links, engine mounts (all 5), spark plugs, shock absorbers, air filter, bunch of seals, steering ball head. 

Intended to keep the car as wife's daily driver, but it's a little too big of a car for my wife to drive around with the baby. So despite all the effort and money put in, it's got to go to make way for something smaller. 

This car is a second generation V70 that has a 2.3liter straight-5 engine running on a 5speed Geartronic gearbox. The engine is a light-pressure turbo straight-five engine with 211 metric horsepower (155 kW; 208 hp) at 5,000 rpm; and torque of 320 newton metres(236 lbf·ft) at 1,500–4,500 rpm. There is enough power in this station wagon to provide more than adequate overtaking and smooth cruising on the highway and by way.
Being a Volvo meant it has good safety standard and i was made to understand that the smaller brother (the S60, which utilized the same platform, minus the "wagon) scored a NCAP of 4 out of 5 star. That is good enough peace of mind. The notion that "A Volvo is Built Like A Tank" rings true. Good think they don't look like one anymore with curvier body as per the photos in this blog entry.
2 bikes with a cooler and space for luggage still?
This V70 XC comes with a "hidden" 3rd row of seat suitable for children and it has seat belt as well. When not in use, the huge cargo space at the back will be more than sufficient to lug in a couple of bikes and perhaps even a washing machine if you love to do laundry on the go.
3rd Row deployed. Of course you need to pull the chair upright!
Having this option effectively make this Station wagon a seven seater if the need arises. If that is not good enough, the car even comes with a build in booster seat for toddler. A booster seat is basically a raised up platform seat where a child younger than 7 years old could sit comfortably and still be able to be strapped into the seat safely. In most cars (if not all), this is not build in. One have to buy an additional removable booster seat to be used with the toddler.
Seat far left folded up as booster. Seat in foreground in normal position.
As you can see, the car comes standard with tanned leather and in good condition. This car is really "to view to appreciate". One more thing to know is that this beauty has had the AWD removed. The previous owner removed it as there is no need for this feature in Malaysian weather and to avoid any future complication (additional headache) with more mechanical moving parts. Also, it has helped to lower the fuel consumption by being a purely FWD station wagon. Rest assured that the performance has not been compromised - unless your intention is to drive through endless puddle of water from KL to Ipoh.
Original carpet still. Owner loves this car.
So, if you are in the market to consider to purchase a station wagon or a truck to carry/ferry the family and then some, this Volvo V70 XC is a good candidate. The price noted is by the current owner and i am not taking any "middle person commission" except that i will get a lunch treat - whether the car is sold or otherwise.
If not because of tight financial balancing due to the recently completed renovated home, i would had considered this beauty.
If interested, please leave a comment or feel free to contact the owner directly at yishuai at gmail dot com.


  1. Boss, Full loan can get ah?

  2. Not sure, but i think should be can. I have friends selling their cars at rm60K and still get loan.

  3. ok, if can i am intested, checking with my bank now

  4. Anon - perfect. Please get in touch directly with the owner per the email above. He has told me he is not sure if the car can obtain loan from bank due the age of the car. But no harm trying!