Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fixing A Minor Dent In You Car

About a year ago, during the last Terry Fox run in Titiwangsa, i came back to find my car dented as someone with a heavy bottom decided to bounce off my car with his/her fat ass. I was upset of course.
I attempted to use a toilet plunger but that did not do much improvement to the dent. Due to the location and the curvature of the car, the small dent looked majorly big due to the light reflection. About a month ago, i could not stand it anymore and decided to try another method - this time, with a smaller "plunger".
I utilised the car phone/GPS holder! Yes, you read me right!
It worked. Minus a very very small dent placed at the curvature line, i now got my car shape back again. Being an engineer, i was able to see things from a different angle and being a miser, i learnt to use resources around me to do this! So proud!
Now that you know it's possible to fix a dent using simple suction cup like a handphone holder, you can now Do It Like A Man.


  1. What took you so long to learn of this, its an old solution. You an engineer somemore, so proud..hahaha.

  2. They have loyar buruk.

    I am nothing but an jurutera karat.

    Many engineer will just send their car for repair. Ecause they earn way more than me. :) even using this suction thingy for my gps, i was afraid i might spoil it and need to get new one, at the same price to repair the dent!

  3. You know....this may be an old method, but using the suction from cup or phone holder is simply brilliant!! :)