Thursday, November 03, 2011

LGBT : Seksualiti Merdeka

If you are easily offended, i suggest you click "BACK" or close your browser now. Today's entry will be controversial and if you think you are more pious than the next person and if you have issues with the title above, do leave.
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender, LGBT for short. They are human too. Very much like you and me.
There has been condemnation for "these" group of people by the general public, and sadly, by a friend and his friends as well. Using religion to chastises and discriminate. Politicians and "patriots" are not slow to say that this will "threaten national security".
National Security?
Like seriously?
The Malaysian Bar Council has urged PM Najib Razak to keep true to his words to promote Malaysia as a "progressive, liberal nation".
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A visit to the blog page tells me that they aim to educate. However, check the comment section on the right hand side where there are just bad comments about them. To most of the people going against this annual event, they are nothing more than being in denial about their own sexuality. Very much like in an episode of GLEE, where the school bully (portrayed to be gay), rough up one of the GLEE club member as he could not have him - or rather, lost him to a better looking understanding guy.
While you may argue that the portrayal is merely a series/movie, here is the reality.
LGBT are everywhere. I have close friends, friends and perhaps even family members that might be LGBT. "Of course that is against the norm", you said.
But what is against the norm?
Are you just thinking about SEX when you think about LGBT?
Well, if you are, then you are worse than those LGBT! You are no different than any other sexual offender that view others as sexual object. That all you can think about when you see a guy-guy, girl-girl relationship is nothing less than them naked and making out.
Did i hit the nail with that statement?
I used to be homophobic. I was brought up to know that the norm in a relationship is two person of opposite sex. I used to make fun of them when i was growing up. Truth to be told, i had my thigh touched by a guy that offered me a lift when i was caught in a rain coming back from the gym when i was younger.
"I will break your finger if you don't remove your hands", i recalled telling him.
Was i angry? You bet.
But over the years, i grew to know more of the LGBT. I found out they are rather normal people. Only that they are built differently. They are misunderstood by those that do not understand.
So, back to yesterday, i was not angry when i read those tweets. I knew where he was coming from and i know what is his political affiliation.
You see, when religion and politics mixes, it makes some people confused. Some i know personally says that religion AND politics is the same thing. I digress.
We have too many people claiming to know what their religion says and quoting the holy scriptures to their benefit. Being religious by going to the church, temple, mosque to perform your rites does not serves as a measure that you will be nearer to God. Condemning others using religion as an excuse does not make you any better than those that has evil and bad intention. In fact, you went one step lower. And i can totally understand WHY you perform your rites so often - as a mean to clean yourself from the words and sins that you did.
So, again.
LGBT. They are born that way. It is not a lifestyle change. It is genetic. Men has been known to be homosexual since the dawn of days. I shall not quote any religion scriptures, but suffice to say that they are shun upon. Some say they are "destroyed". A union of matrimony is of a man and woman. Like how God created Adam and Eve.
But aren't we told that human evolved from primates by Charles Darwin, and many actually believed that?
Homosexuality in the animal kingdom is rampant among marine birds, mammals, monkeys and great apes.
"Humans have created the myth that sexuality can be justified only by reproduction, which by definition limits it to hetero sex," says Michael Bronski, author of The Pleasure Principle: Culture, Backlash, and the Struggle for Gay Freedom. "But here is an animal society that uses homosexuality to improve its social life."
Yes, i now hear you all say "but we are human, we can think".
Precisely. Because you can think and reason out - don't you think it is time to stop judging and chastising the LGBT?
They too were brought into this world by their parents.
They too, have brothers and sisters.
They too, have the need to love, to be cared for, to be acknowledged.
They too, have obligation to their own religion. We are not there to judge if God love them less than they love you (straight) people.
LGBT is genetically driven. Here is a good read.
Much of the social rejection for the LGBT are mainly sexually driven. We are told that the deadly HIV are prevalent with high risk lifestyle activities.
They are:
1. Using intravenous needles as a mean to administer drugs
2. multiple sex partner with unknown history (you straight men and women that subscribe and thrive prostitution)
3. usage of needles for tattoos of unknown sources/not sterile. Can include usage on non-sterile medical equipments in clinics and hospital.
4. blood transfusion of known HIV carrier.
If you look at the the first 3 reasons above, it did not specifically says activities pertaining to LGBT. In fact, it does not discriminate between sexes, sexual orientation, religion and race.
Most LGBT i know are in a monogamous relationship, some "straight" can't even be happy with ONE.
The law in Malaysia forbid homosexualism. Very much the reason why a certain politician are often berated in the media for being a "backside" man. I am not a fan of him, mind you. Not because of his sexual orientation. But lets put it this way, a "tiger don't change it's stripe". Today's topic is not to discuss about him, but i can't help to use him as an example on how society punished him for being a bisexual (?).
Lets not forget, there are the other camp too, a known politician that is known to be a lesbian. Why isn't she being singled out?
Of course - because she is in power (or perceived to be) and with the ruling government?, why so quiet now?
We often selectively choose our debate and discussion to favor ourselves. It is only human to do it. So when i asked further why Indonesia, being the largest Muslim country does not have a law against homosexuality and i asked specifically if they are of different denomination, i get "their value is different" as an answer. That is like telling me that KFC at Centrepoint sucks big time because they are using different pressure to cook the chicken. (i had bad experience with that KFC quality, sufficed to say, if i want to get my heart clogged, i will choose McD anytime).
One fler even speak up for God. That the LGBT has invited the "Wrath of God" and thus he has to "tweet up". Have we reflected on ourselves to be so perfect? Really? Like speaking badly of them brings you to Heaven and to be seated at the right hand of the Lord?
So, if the LGBT own family members and friends has no problem with them being queer, why are you so worked up? Because you have someone in the family like that and you are in total denial? Perhaps?
So, this years' SeksualitiMerdeka tag line is "Queer Without Fear". Aptly so, i blog this without fear too.
If you are against LGBT so much, i pray and hope that your children and your children's children and your family tree, will not have any of them classified as such.
Or maybe that might be all it takes to change your narrow minded perception of them.
I will pray for you. I believe the LGBT will also pray for you too.
Have a Gay day! (that, as in HAPPY)


  1. BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO. In many ways Malaysia is one of the most progressive societies I've had the pleasure to live in. Despite the occassional race issues it stands as an example to the world how diverse races can live together in harmony.

    HOWEVER, I still can't believe how oppressive it's attitudes towards homosexuality are.

    Religious leaders and politicians alike, wake up, smell the coffee and accept the facts. Some people are homosexual, some people are bi-sexual and some people are straight. Denying it, or saying that it's wrong in your opinion is not going to change the FACTS.

    You don't have to like it but you do have to accept it and treat everyone equally and fairly.

    What if my boys are homosexual? Oh well ay! That'll be who they are and I shall embrace their life-partners as I would a daughter-in-law.

    Stupe, great post, very brave of you to be so open about the subject. Big Respect!

  2. Simon - your points are why this blog post was written. What many in denial saw is just two men or two women or two transgender "doing it".

    It is their gutter mind that they have to change, as all they see is the "disgusting" action in bed.

    Everyone needs someone, and so what if they are of the same sex or sexual orientation? It doesn't make them swim, bike or run any faster...or slower!

    Thanks, just thanks.

    And a big hug for restoring some of my faith in humanity.

  4. LazyJayH - again, those in denial are confused and unsure about their sexuality. They will claim that they know what they want...but, are they really knowing what they want?

    THis is seksualitimerdeka, it is not a sex fest. that is the problem when they don't at least pay attention in school.

  5. i've been a silent reader for a long, long time. Much respect, man, for this brave post. My son is also homophobic currently but i know he just needs more exposure to the real world before he will shed this negative perception. I have shared experiences of my LGBT friends with him but he is resistant to the idea. He's 20 btw. After reading your post, i have hope that he will see these folks as just strangers who can become friends. Thanks again, TriStupe..

  6. Kate - the saddest thing is that when someone see LGBT, they only think of the sex that they will be having.

    While some of them that chosed this alternative lifestyle did only want them only for sex, but a big majority sees it differently.

    Blanketing all of them LGBT as "sexual offender per law and religion" is no different than if someone say all human (hetero) are rapist just because some of them (hetero) are sexual offenders.

    But somehow, as society, we all tend to judge others, but never ourselves.

    I have friends that has subtlely told me off for my posting on this. Point taken. I am not here, i explained to "justify" the LGBT action, but merely to reach out, from a hetero point of view, that they too, the LGBT, have feelings. Their needs is no different that me, that is for someone to love, to be accepted and most of all, to co-exist.

    And if many still only thinks of SEX after all that has been said and done,i know at least, i tried my best.