Thursday, November 17, 2011

I Can Only Imagine

In life, there are many challenges that comes our way. Many happy memories. Many sad moments. For every time we whine and complains about the most miserly things in life - that the shower has no hot water. That the food is not delicious. That your phone was not the latest model. That you can't run though you have two legs. That you can't do work even if you have two hands. We often forget to remind ourselves how lucky we are. We often forget that there are many more out there struggling in a worse possible manner.
Last Monday, a friend shared this video on his Facebook and Twitter. Doubted the "best video ever". I can't help but to agree. Watch it and be touched.

Rick Hoyt was born in 1962 and a oxygen deprivation at birth has caused him to be diagnosed with spastic quadriplegic with cerebral palsy. There as no chance of him recovering. Dick and Judy, the parents to Rick worked hard to assimilate his son into the society. With USD5,000, an interactive computer was customised and built for Rick for him to communicate - the word "CAN" in the beginning of the video above is Rick "typing". He will nod to "enter" via a headpiece attached to his wheel chair.
The Father-Dad team is inspiring. I knew them when i start doing my triathlons - when i was looking for inspiration. I have viewed the video above many times - even became staple in my play list of my iPhone to help me find strength in my every day's training.
If you feel that you are handicapped - that you are often limited by many factors to do good great things - watch the video again. And again.
Then ask yourself if you CAN.
I know i can.


  1. thanks bro..

    damn inspiaring..

    adoi.. keluar jugak air mata tgk video ni..

    bagus untuk recharge jiwa..

  2. Kuchalana -kannnnn...... *sniff

  3. Everytime I watch this, tears roll...

  4. I also ler...esp when he carry his son out of water....and push him to finish.