Monday, November 21, 2011

Are You Gullible?

A man with a camera is not a photographer. He is just a man with a camera. Walk around town and you will see someone with a digital single lense reflex camera of dSLR. With the entry model coming in at less than RM2,500, it seems anyone with a dSLR will claim to be a photographer.
I have dSLR - and i am far from admitting i am a photographer. I am a man with camera. So what is my point, really?
Last Thursday, i came across an article in the social networking site Facebook of which a friend posted about how a man, disguised as a photographer, managed to convince 15 girls to strip to the skin for him - on the pretext of making them a "model".
Harian Metro November 17, 2011
I don't usually read crap news from this paper, but the reporting got me thinking - are most girls that gullible? Is there really a "fantasy" life being a Model? Stripping naked for the lense? Didn't you notice the hard on???
I recently commented about girls with BIG EYES and DUCK LIPS, those that wear sexily and enticingly to get the attention of the Male species. Some even have their "portfolio" done - mostly glamour shots (by glamour meant semi naked usually in lingerie, or less).
Also, these men with cameras, they move in packs. These are the typical "nerds" and "geeks" with over-sized tools (and i meant cameras), that are willing to PAY wannabe models or models for an hour or two so they can "practice" their skills with their tools.
While some are real photographer more interested in the lighting setup and the technicality of the photo shoot, most are with itch in the jock. You never know what they do with those more intimately taken photos during their "free time".
I know my post will irk those that has one way or another, engaged models and "models" for photography session - lest you are angered and felt i have judged you too quickly, perhaps, do ask yourself the purpose of the whole photo shoot - in the name of "photography".
And girls - tall, short, fat, thin, big and small...if taking your photos for an hour makes you a model, my kids are supermodels already by now. use some sense - a casting agency, unless it is for some men magazine with dodgy names, WILL not require you to pose naked or close to naked. Do engage the brains before someone engage the shutter on you!
Have a great week everyone! I will be practising my "man with camera" skills as i am on leave until December 5, 2011! Any willing models?


  1. i am afraid these young women seeking glamour are gullible .. wanting to be a model, actress, singer often led them in the wrong path, sigh.

  2. Be wary of photographers. Some are hobbyists, some are pro with ethics. Its those that think having a big camera on the neck is license to peep is the one giving all guy with camera bad name