Friday, November 18, 2011

Athlete Profile : Kam Kasturie

What sweat? it's Easy Peasy!
I recently showcased a close buddy of mine in this blog - hopefully trying to end his single life by getting suitable suitor to step up and to perhaps, get to know him. Kam Kasturie is his name and he was my senior in Royal Military College - but i never had the chance to know him until i started doing the sports about 7 years ago. His enigma back in RMC is a legacy. He is known to be outright and stern. And many would remember his good look and good nature too. Here is a closer look to who Kam (as he is known to many of us) is...

Stupe: We know you are a triathlete. What do you do for a living?
Kam: Like anyone else, I have daily job. I am working in Celcom as a Business Planning Manager. Nothing interesting to share about the job, but to tell the truth I don’t have business background. I was an engineer by qualification before I switch to a different career path.

Stupe: I remember coming across your name when I was in Royal Military College. With such unique name such as yours (Kam Kasturie), do many often ask you how that comes about? What is the story behind the name? Is your sibling's name as unique?
Kam: There are many people named “Kam”, there are also a few named “Kasturi”. But I believe, I am the only with “Kam Kasturie” in this world. If you don’t believe me, try Google my name. Countless times people asked me about my name and all my siblings have “Kam” in front of their names. Actually, KAM is initials of my mom & my dad… Kamariah and Abdul Mutalib.
Additional power between his legs
Stupe: You ride a motorbike. What are you riding now and what do you wish you are riding if you have the spare cash to throw?
Kam: I love motorbike since I was in primary school. My late grandfather used to take me for a spin on his big bike. I don’t remember what model but it was Japanese bike. And that was the first time I got my leg burned after accidently touched the exhaust… ouch! Now, I’m riding MZ Supermotard and I’ve been using it for nearly 9 years for daily commuting. My next bike would be a Ferrari on two wheels “Ducati” Monster. I don’t mind keeping my old car, so that I can save some money for a Ducati. Hope to get one next year.
Men With know what they say about them...
Stupe: I heard you are pretty good with your sticks too. And by that, I meant playing drums. Any plan to start a band? Need a vocalist?
Kam: Nope, drumming is just for fun. I regret I didn’t start early learning to play instrument. Nobody in my family exposed me to music when I was young. My mom used to sing “nasyid’ before she got married and one of my sisters is a gifted keyboard player. I plan to take up guitar next, then piano or keyboard. 
Great boys they are!
Stupe: Not many people know that you are actually a single father. What makes things more difficult is that your kids are not with you but in your ex in-law's house. How do you keep your two boys close to you?
Kam: I called them almost every night. We talked about almost everything and what they were doing during the day in school. Once a month, I go down to JB to see them.  Eventually, I want to get both of them to be with me. I live strong because of them, so who else will be taking a good care of them if not me?

Stupe: Any plans to remarry? If yes, describe your future girl.
Kam: A big YES!!! Hahaha. Of course I want to share my life with someone special. I want to marry a girl who is pretty and healthy, who doesn’t obsess with branded stuffs and can leave the house without make-up, she should never try to change me, better if she likes to do endurance sports or at least support me, who doesn’t smoke, drink or nag, a good Muslim (If she’s not a Muslim, she wants to become a good Muslim) and the most important one, she can accept my kids and vice versa.
Ironman 2009 : Langkawi
Stupe: Your fitness level has been pretty much the same since Royal Military College days. Perhaps you are even fitter now than ever. What is your secret routine - which you can share?
Kam: There was up & down with my fitness level. No secret about it, all I do is sign-up for races. I have no choice but to get myself ready and train for the races. If I don’t have enough training, racing will become part of the training. 
He is Possible.
Stupe: Why Swim Bike Run and what drives you to continue the sports? What is your inspiration? 
Kam: I have a wish list and one of them is to complete a triathlon before 30 years old. But I only managed to do my first tri when I was 32 year-old. Only after I got divorced 3 years ago, I started focus on endurance sports to channel out my depression. Glad I found solace through hard training. My inspiration is my own kids. I want them to have a healthy lifestyle, so it should start with me first. How do you expect your kids to follow if the parents don’t like to exercise?

Stupe: So, we have covered your passion for SBR, Family, Drums, and Bikes. Is there any other passion that drives you?
Kam: I love photography, if you notice in most of my races I ran with a camera in my hand. To me, photo is something reminds me of the past. I am glad I took lots of photo of my kids because the time will never repeat.

Stupe: Where can one follow your adventure? Blogs? Facebook? Twitter?
Kam: I have a blog (, actually it is more like personal diary and I used it as a therapy when I went through my darkest episode of my life. I update my Facebook regularly but I don’t twit that often.
Many Faces of Kam Kasturie - Which one you like?


  1. wow.. he's demn good. had a chance to compete with him side by side @ last time, and obviously, im no match for him :P nice chap. all the best (in sport and life) :)

  2. My intention is really to let all our friends know, that all those that does the sports have life outside the sports. :) Kam is a good example.

  3. Brilliant interview Stupe..a great one to read on a Friday...keep it up...and great chap in KAM...

  4. RH - indeed. :) The process of knowing someone is always beyond the 10km or the 42km we do with them. :) There is more to life!

  5. hye, i thought that he is taken.. (saw some photos in his fb :D the - another-baby thing) he's a real nice guy, can easily fit in with anybody..the most sempoi guy during race events.. got to know him during our camping trip to temenggor reserve. first time saw him swimming in akuatik for his ironman training (2009), with his pedals on, he looked like brother bear (like the one in the movie), looking tough and muscular ..:D

  6. Ann - he is available. :) The other baby is history. he is fresh for the taking. :)

    You should see him in uniform. :)