Wednesday, November 16, 2011

No Glory Despite Gold Medal

SEA Games is ongoing in Indonesia as we speak. We all know about the numbers of officials (including VIPs and OBSERVERS) that is about the same as the athletes that is there now on their "tour of duty", which we all know, is nothing more than well, a TOUR.
Taken from The Star Online
Taxpayer's money again, what is new? Today, what disgusted me more was the news that the 4x400m Male Quartet that won a GOLD for the country...was not able to be present at the PODIUM for our country anthem to be played.
Image taken from Utusan Malaysia Online. (From left) Muhammad Yunus Lasaleh, S. Kannathasan, Sehzuan Ahmad Rosely and P Yuvaraaj.
Wait. Why are they NOT able to be there to take their medals? Well, because their AIR TICKETS WERE ALREADY BOOKED. Granted that the medal presentation was scheduled the next day, i am pretty sure the officials would had the full itinerary of the competition and what is paying for another four tickets when there is already that many officials (possibly) flying business class to Indonesia?
This is a real shame. The athlete, only banded as "Category B", was treated like second class citizen.
Taken from NST Online.
And why is the coach not there with them? Why are VIPs and Observers needed? What are they contributing? Or are they just there to contribute to the tourism economy of Indonesia?


  1. What a sad case! That why our ranking keep sinking to bottom via other ASEAN countries keeping up.

  2. it's sad. Others improved, we not only DID not manage to maintain the standard, we SLIP further behind!

  3. when i read about this in fb, i was already sad..when i read again in your blog, now i feel much more sad than before.. shame on malaysia's sport ministry.. shame on malaysia's sport development. shame on malaysia's politics.

  4. Ann - tu lah. sigh...sedih bukan? And worse is, this will happen again.