Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Eligible Bachelor

I was reading my old post titled Cleo Eligible Bachelor 2010 and i had to post this as things has changed since i last pimped my three friends (and a few).
If you do not know what i am talking about, click here and read it.
I have not seen Cleo's bachelor thingy for a long time, perhaps the magazine realised that the whole competition is a farce where it is more of a popularity thing than really giving the girls some real bachelor that can earn some real dough and provide safety, security and a comfortable living. Look, no one wants to marry a student (unless you are doing your Master or Ph.d) with no disposable income; and those hair on the head, well, they will GO away. ;-)
Here is a print screen from that posting.
So, One got married recently. One is in a relationship (the Pilot). Two out of three is taken. What is left now is a very very good buddy of mine that i can stand up for his character and value in life.
So, If you single eligible (single or divorced) ladies out there are looking for a match, I am pleased to let you know that Kam Kasturie is still hotly and readily available. You can either drop me a comment, or you can go over to his blog to check him out. :)
A man that runs up the mountain for fun will swim the sea to get that fish for you. Apply within.


  1. don't forget Ironman!!!!

    wah, he will be swamped with proposal. haha

  2. Hafven't get any application lah. THis matchmaking agency is not getting the response it should. :P

  3. Whoaaa... My blog got high hits from your blog. Some girls might have check me out :P
    We still living in conservative society. Normal is when guys make the move first. Not the other way round.

  4. Kam - it is a start. So, you never know. :)

  5. Stupe, you're a real buddy. Doing all good deem to help friend to succeed in their life. I always respect you as good son, good hubby, good daddy, good friend and good leader in an organisation. I wish to follow your step to shine my destiny too.

    To those girls who read this blog, Kam Kasturie is a very loyal man. I can guarantee he's a perfect matched for those who look for stable and comfortable life.