Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cleo Eligible Bachelor 2010

So, it's back. it sort of jiggle my memories a bit as i was one of the many bachelor back in 2003. Back then, the competition wasn't as high-tech as now where the contestants get some air-time on national radio (Red.FM).

Nothing bad about that really, but i did wish i was given a chance to be on air like them.
It was all because i found that as the year goes by, the contestant just gotten cornier and well, less eligible in many ways.
Now, tell me, how could a student be eligible when they are still feeding off under mummy's armpit and not even secured a job?
Does having puppy eyes make one eligible? or a dashing of good look make them a champion?
If yes, then Ryan more than qualify for this.


Don't get me wrong, i wasn't sore that i did not win back in 2003. I knew i won't because the eventual winner has way better hair than me. Long flowing locks that drives girls back in 2003 wild and aunties would botox their faces to be cougars again. Infact, those hairs will drive a few gay men wild too thinking of all the possibility that they could do with those manly-mane.
But seriously. What makes a man eligible?
Well, to start with, they have NOT to be in a relationship (with another girl, or man, singular or plural).
It's simple, you do not put yourself out in the "market" if you are well, attached.
Else, you won't be able to use one of the line i heard yesterday by one bachelor that told the whole listener of Red.FM that "I am a bachelor because it's more fun and i get to see more girls than when i am attached".
Whatever happened to wits?
Q: Why are you still a bachelor?
A: Because i want to ensure i have a stable job and a stable mind before i could ensure i will be able to provide to my eventual partner.
Now, tell me, won't this be a better answer? (though ultra lame?)
One even went to the extend of saying "If you want to know me, you got to being it to the next level, lah" (all the while suppressing his Malaysianess with a heavy engrand accent).
Dude, if any girls want to know you and your reason for being a bachelor, they really do not need to bring it ot the next level, or sleep with you to know man. Grow up. You think you are Craig David or Brad Pitt?
This morning, again, i overhead two person, one was a divorcee and one more, i couldn't be bothered to know what he does (but chances are, Student).
The question were about "do you believe in marriage".
While the divorced chap did believed in marriage, but i have to give it to him. For one, he is eligible.
1. has a job
2. was in a relationship
3. love and loved before
4. know what to expect
5. should be able to tolerate a real relationship
6. ex-wife most probably scratching her head why they even divorced, for now.
Now, putting things into context in today's real world. I have three very eligible bachelor buddy that was recently divorced (up to about 1 year back). Two were with kids (hey, waddayaknow....you girls that might be interested might not need to worry about giving birth!) and one is single. One is a pilot, one is a doctor and one more a manager in a telco.
All three could sustain a comfortable life and all three do not smoke (drink sparingly, two of them), witty, fun and best of all, lead a very healthy life. All three swim, bike and run, and climb.
Tickle you ladies fancies? Drop me a comment, i hook you all up. Forget about these bachelors in the magazine, go for the real thing.

Bachelors, take your number and wait till she is 25 years old.


  1. your photog skills def have improve...

    but to all boys looking to date nadia ...i think they might be a bit afraid of you... i can imagine u staring daggers at them

  2. Wifey - more reason for me to buy a fullframe camera?

    As for Nadia...oh well...i am sure they will grow up to be wise and street smart.

  3. Fizi - i cuma ada dua, you ada 5...

  4. Wah Stupe, dapat komisyen ke?

  5. wow that's a good deal! still available?

  6. Joe - hahahah! dapat jadi wali?

  7. Yew Aun - but of course! Give me your CV, i pimp you up.

  8. Mr. Lonely - thanks for dropping by, will see your blog one of these day.

  9. Wahdi - the guys? or you talking about pimping you?

  10. Chinese character guy - err? i don't comprehendo.