Tuesday, November 22, 2011

2 Weeks R&R : Doing All I Could.

I am officially on 2 weeks of "in-between" job that i am using and taking all opportunity to SwimBikeRun and to sort out all un-sorted items at home since the renovation that took close to 4 months.
We have moved back home about 5 weeks and there are still some unfinished items - not very happy with the flooring as it was uneven. While some say it was undried Merbau wood, i attribute it to uneven screeding of the floor to start with.
The notion that "chinaman" is the best brick layers, tilers etc. etc. is not true anymore. The skills has since lost like the Apek that has subcontracted his signature Char Kuey Teow to that Burmese man that whip up a mediocre food.
I have not been training and clocking mileage as much as i wished i did. From the time i started my job as an Environmental Consultant to me resigning about 3 months plus ago, i had loads of ups and downs, both health and career. So, naturally, i am taking this break to restart my SBR passion - for i hope to do an Ironman again; that has to be dependent greatly on savings and budget nonetheless.
Today, i accomplished much more than i should despite planning my "break".
To start with, i have been running TWO consecutive days. That got to be a record since 2008. Struggling with Sciatica and my own fitness level, it is like having a problematic Proton power window and a waiting-to-seize Perdana gearbox. Total mileage over the two days was a miserly 12km. I long for the day i run a sub 6:00 pace. See i am not greedy and i am realistic.
Secondly, i managed to hang ALL the paintings, drawings, photos and anything that needs to be on the wall - minus the large 6footer mirror that will need two person to level and mount. Not too bad.
I then managed to re-pack the powerfood; the rolled oats, nuts, berries, raisins and seeds. I was secretly counting calories as i was proportioning them. I found myself where i was again about 10-15 years ago when i was on a quest to pack on muscle mass and getting my body fat low. Nowadays, its easier with technology as applications allowed me an easier way to keep a food journal. In fact, this time around, the driver was to lead a healthier lifestyle, both food and activities. Try to record down your food intake and you will notice how much junk you put into your body everyday.
As it is now school holiday, i am now tasked to pick the kids back from holiday playschool. The smile the kids give when you were there to pick them up is priceless. I wish they wont grow up so fast - soon, they will tell me to park further so they won't feel embarrass that i came to pick them up.
After that, i went to a courier company to collect a parcel that a Telco Tried to send to me. It seldom happen, in fact, for the first time in 8 years (i think), this is a first time i get something FOC from them. I am thinking of porting my number to another Telco actually - i hope my decision will not be jeopardized by two RM10 movie tickets.
The initial plan was to meet up with Mani (a friend i knew since the days where i appeared on national television with Bandit) for lunch. But i sort of missed the message and lunch was cancelled. So, i went to PJ Old Town to buy those Nomad mat. The shoes and sandals at home can't be left outside anymore as the two growing pups are treating all items within muzzle reach a fair game. Four sandals has since went to Shoe-Heaven. My car mudguard has seen better days too.
Talking about efficiency, i got my new work email, even though i am only to join in 2 weeks time. I managed to find out which bank the new company remits the monthly pay and was happy it is one of the two banks i have accounts with. I managed to visit both banks to update my bank book. Both were last updated as late as 2009. I went with two passbook and came back with four as the older one has been filled up over the years.
Feeling a bit notty, i went to eat banana leave rice. It is the typical South Indian fare. Only difference this time was the extra conscious mind playing calorie counter and processing how the food was prepared (and ingredient). I ended up having half the usual rice serving, which amount to a decent plate of rice. The danger of banana leave rice is that the rice stack will look inadequate due to the absence of a plate. So, fans of banana leave rice - beware. You will be overeating without realising. The next dilemma was the delicious looking curry chicken varuval and the juicy looking fried mackerel. Believe me when i said i talked myself out not to take either one. I ended up having only the rice, stir fried cabbage, pumpkin and acar. I even refrained from flooding the rice with any curry. I went for dhal and at a very disciplined one scoop. No drinks were ordered. Papadom was the largest sin. Lunch was about 700kcal - I only burned 400kcal! OUCH!
Then, i went to EPF. Planning to make my first withdrawal after working for 12 years. And at 12 years, the savings accumulated was not much - that was due to lower wages the first 8 years i was working. The EPF officer was helpful and looked like i will need to go back again to submit the forms officially.
Having done that, i went to RSC at Kiara to have a session of stretch in the sauna. I desperately wants my Sciatica to improve. It is affecting my run, my lower back and even the strength of my arms. 15mins in 80degrees C and 60% relative humidity, i came out light headed and feeling i had a good stretch.
It was already 4:30 by then. I shot off to the hard wood furniture place near Tropicana to look for the owner and to arrange for delivery of a side console. Only to find myself eating into my Day 2 program of planting grass at the 7x7 patch in the home garden. I came home with enough grass to cover the full 49 feet square of soil. I can gladly now say i am a qualified grass planter ;). While some of you readers might think there is no big deal about it. I agree. It is really no big deal, and an engineer planting grass is an overkill. It is a waste of engineering talent, really. But that will not stop me from writing about it in the next few days. :)
I even managed to cut down a dead tree outside the home. Talk about overdoing what i should. Best part about the gardening was the kids joining and playing with the two pups. If everyday could be like that!
Cleaned the kids up and i went off to 1Utama to meet up with wifey that was in the gym clocking in some mileage. A quick dinner at Subway (It's BMT Monday, 500kcal minus any dressing) and we went to get some groceries before heading home. It has been a super productive day. Lets hope the next two weeks will be the same. I am without full access to any PC/Laptop. Relying on my iPhone for all online activities. If there are delay, apologies in advance! But please come back everyday, i promise there will be something to be shared!

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