Sunday, November 13, 2011

30 Years Ago I Was 5

Perhaps it is a "given" that when someone say that "your kid looked like you". Being conceived by myself and wifey, it is only natural that they will grow up sharing the same trait (physical and mental) as the parents. I recalled i have a photo of myself when i was growing up. When i was 5 years old to be specific. Now that i am 35 today, i thought it would be fun to see how i have "grown" over the past 30 years and with a mini-me as a reference, how much resemblance my son has with me, now that he is also 5.
Growing up, i have never liked my hair. They are straight and they are lifeless. When they grow long, they will stick up on the side and make my already big head bigger. For that reason, i have grown up having only buzz cut, with exception of that 2 or 3 years when i thought it was cool to have longer hair and to wear a hairband like Beckham (though i was never a football fan).
So, on my own birthday, let me show you how i look back in 1981, when i was 5 years old.
You see, i was already an exhibitionist at that age, running around in brief. The car behind belongs to a grand-uncle (RIP) and it was a spanking new Mitsubishi Gallant. I grew up at that age at my granma's home in Gombak. 
Now, compare to how Ryan looked like at 5 years old (in a few days time, he will be officially be 5).
Actually...there is not much resemblance apart from the cinapek straight lifeless hair. Ryan has officially gotten most of the good look from his Mother, my wife. He is definitely better looking. Much more than i am actually at 5. 
And in case any of you ask "what happened to the boy in red at 5 years old", let me tell you that "that boy has grown up to be even better looking". I can assure you that one woman will concur with that statement. :)


  1. You definitely look better now :)

  2. You're right! Ryan looks better than you at age 5, and you certainly look better now then before too. I'm sure the digital age of coloured photos help make all look better:) But hey, you've the legs of an ironman since at that young age!

  3. Kak June - :) Wifey got the best deal lah like that!

    Reen - I was never build to run, or swim, or cycle. Never in the gene. But i guess that is what drives us many time over - to be what we are not and be better. :) I hope Ryan and Nadia will emulate both me and Aileen when they grows up.