Friday, November 18, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday Ryan!

My boy is 5 today. He is growing up too fast. Our (me and wifey) wish for him today is that he will grow up to be a useful person and a contributor to the country. We also wish that he will always be healthy and will grow up coming to us for advices and guidance. Happy Birthday Ryan. We are blessed to have you as you are.
Happy Birthday Boy!
Wifey and me got him some presents. A box of crayon as he loves to draw. A few colored pens as he uses them to outline his drawings (wow, i only learnt this when i was 12!), A sharpener for his color pencils and a box of medical tongue depressor (big ice cream stick) as he loves collecting and coloring them (he never fail to nick a few from the usual doctor that attend to him).

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