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Twenty.One : Christmas Through December!

I first reviewed Twenty.One Table+Terrace during the Mother's Day promotion in May this year. I was pretty impressed with the food, the ambience and the services which has prompted me to do another review for them.
With festivities around the corner and the next major one being Christmas, Twenty.One has come out with a set menu or ala carte menu to satisfy the merry-ing for the whole month of December. takes pride with the setting to be family-friendly (meaning the kids can come too) and they have non-smoking section in the restaurant for a smoke free dining. With magnificent view of KL City Centre from the BSC branch, your pre-Christmas, Christmas or December dining will be unforgettable.
The menu that will be previewed here will be available at both the branches, kitchen+bar and tables+terrace in Changkat Bukit Bintang and Bangsar Shopping Complex (BSC) respectively.
With my recent "slightly stricter than usual" diet, i am pretty careful about what i put into my mouth and system and it will be interesting to see how they will hold up against my new found passion : eating healthily.
This is the menu for whole December to celebrate Christmas titled "jingle my bells"

What i like about menu on general is that they allow for flexibility. It allow the diners to choose between getting the whole 3 course set, or you can opt to just order the dish made-for-the-occasion in an ala carte fashion. This will allow diners that, for example, not too keen on the starters, to just order the main; OR just the dessert to satisfy the sweet tooth. :)
Of course, the best value would be if you get the whole menu as a 3 course set. At RM75++ (exclusive 10% service and 6% government), it is on a higher side compared to the Mother's day menu. I believe for discerning food lover, the price stated could be justified by the quality of the food served. 
I add in some comments on the "health factor" to assist in making some informed choice.
There are two choices on the starter (or aptly named santa's little helpers) with some visual to assist in deciding or to wet the palate.
warm asparagus salad with duck prosciutto, poached quail egg & hollandaise 
- RM24++ if ala carte
Asparagus is one super food that is good for you. Together with the duck prosciutto (or in layman term, Italian ham, or in this case, duck ham, air cured, no less), it will complement the sweetness of the vegetable. No one says no to quail eggs and this is a rather good combo of fiber and protein as a starter. Top with hollandaise sauce (egg yolk with butter, with lemon juice), gives this dish a combination of flavour and texture.
Health Factor: Do you know that asparagus is one super food? The cholesterol in quail eggs is negligible if you do not take them all the time. You might want to skim/cut the fat from the duck prosciutto if it bothers you. Hollandaise sauce are often paired with steam asparagus - which explained the combination here.
creamed brussel sprout soup with handmade turkey meatballs
- RM24++ if ala carte
This looked like a soup for kids that hate their vegetable. Brussels sprouts is expensive with one bag costing about RM20 at least. The portion doesn't look very big here, but rest assured that i was told this will be the regular sized serving with the turkey meatball in tomato sauce to be about the size of a famous Swede restaurant. With a tinge of olive oil over the soup, the contrast in color might just appeal to the hard-core non-vegetable eater. After all - there are meat in the middle what! The creamed soup are believed to be made from whole milk (i.e. no evaporated milk or creamer). 
Health factor : Brussels sprouts are known to contain colon cancer fighting agent called sinigrin, apart from having Vitamin A, C and folic acid(or B complex). They are rich in fiber as well. Turkey meat is a healthier alternative to chicken meat (as chicken are often commercially bred with a lot of antibiotics and chemical) and they are leaner too. If possible, ask for another spoonful of olive oil or grape seed oil on the soup as you can never have more good oil in your diet. 
Remember, you can choose either one of the starter and not both if you decided to go for the 3Course Set meal.
With the starter done, there is only one choice of Main. It is named fill my stocking and looking at the serving size, it sure will fill my tummy too.
oven baked sliced turkey breast with yam croquette, chicken sausage, edamame bean & caramelised cranberry
- RM42++ if ala carte
The sight of the main above is already making me hungry. Oven baked turkey with cutlet of chicken sausages, covered with caramelised cranberry sauce and finally sprinkled with edamame (soya) bean looked and sound like a mouthful. There is a yam croquette (something like a fried fritter) to complete the meal. 
Health factor: As written above, turkey is a good choice of white meat with the low fat content. Chicken sausage is a bit hard to justify here provided they are not the usual sausages readily sold in the supermarket. I am a fan of edamame and i can never get enough of this wonder bean. Go easy on the yam croquette, but if the portion is not big (they are usually cylindrical in shape), i say do not waste your food. Cranberries are good for cardiovascular system. :)
Next is the hard to resist part, even for serious weight and food watcher - dessert. mistletoe kisses will almost ensure you finish off your meal course with a happy smile.
banana bread pudding with white chocolate foam, lemongrass ginger custard & caramalised cranberry 
- RM18++ if ala carte
What can i say? Dig in!
Health factor : I shall reserves my comment and just dig in. This is clearly a devil of a dessert and lets just enjoy it, shall we?
The other dessert is called chrissy pudding drizzled with vanilla reduction, blueberries, white chocolate foam&crumble. I have no photo to show how they looked like. I shall leave this as a surprise when i present myself at for the official food tasting and review. Stay tuned for that and it will be another extensive food review in store!
They could be contacted at the addresses and phone number below for inquiries or reservation purposes. Open for both Lunch (12 noon onwards) and Dinner! kitchen+bar
20-1, Changkat Bukit Bintang
Tel : +603 2142 0021 tables+terrace
T1, Level 3, Bangsar Shopping Centre
Tel: +603 2287 0021 outlets are brainchild of Dan and Richy and they started the business back about four years ago as DR.Bar. Having won at least two HORECA awards (that's Hotel/Restaurant/Cafe if you wonder what that is) and mentions in the local TimeOut KL and Juice magazine certainly hold volume for a humble four years old establishment. You can also find them in Facebook here and here or follow them on twitter @twentyone_tweet.

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