Monday, November 28, 2011

The Strawberry Park Resort Family Getaway Day 1

It is school holiday. I am "in-between" job. In came the opportunity to be at Cameron Highland courtesy of Strawberry Park Resort. All i need to do is to be at the resort (obviously) with the family and blog about it. We packed the family into the car on November 25 and headed north towards Tapah. Journey from home (in PJ) to Tapah took about 90minutes (about 140km) and it is another 90minutes (about 60km) up the windy mountain road.
Only the dogs were left at home
I forgot how windy the road up Cameron was having last visited this place by motorised vehicle almost 8 years ago. What made this trip special was that it is the kids' first trip to Cameron Highland.
We were requested to arrive by 1400hours by the resort for the day's activity but delayed due to the kids commitment to their play-class. The trip was filled with constant "Are We There Yet?" by the kids. I was that close to breaking down when we finally reached the resort by 1530hours.
Unmistaken Neo Tudor Splendor. Note that a Gingerbread house is being built
Check in was fast and the front desk staff was efficient with the process and in no time, we received our room key. F647. A Studio Suite
Growing up, Strawberry Park Resort was never in the choice of place to stay as we are always travelling on a budget. Holiday was a luxury. My dad works 7 days a week and holidays are rare. 35 years later, things has not changed much with me having a family of my own. Glad we had this opportunity this weekend.
The Studio Suite that we stayed is 480square feet (sqft) with two super single bed. The room was refurbished with polished hardwood flooring, teak furniture and Slumberland bed.
Sufficiently large for a family of 4.
The modern bathroom has polkadot wall and granite flooring. The shower stall was cleverly hidden behind the polkadot wall and provide a more "covered" showering. Most importantly, the toilet is clean and comes with all the usual creature comfort you can find and expect from any other 4-star hotel.
Completing the room is the private balcony that overlook the mountain range. The balcony is large enough to fit in a set of chairs and table for a late afternoon tete-a-tete over a cup of coffee or tea from the complimentary coffee and tea tray.
Postcard-possible landscape
Balcony big enough for two, or three.
It was raining as we planned to visit the Tea Plantation at Sungai Palas and that was rescheduled to next day. That gave us the opportunity to have a pie or two at Jim Thompson Terrace - the resort's coffee house.
Named after the man that went for a walk and never came back  - 40 years ago.
I was told that the view in the morning with the mist covering the mountains are breathtaking
Tea time until 1830hours
Usually, the order of the day in Cameron Highland is to have scones and tea in the English like weather. However, we decided to have a Chicken Pie and a Strawberry Pie to break the norm.
The pies were made to order - unlike most that actually just heat them up over 2-minutes in the microwave. Our order took 25-minutes and it was worth the wait. At the promotional price of RM11.15 the chicken pie took my weeks' diet away.
how la...calorie is going through my mind...CHIAK! I skipped the fries though.
The Strawberry Delight (promotional price of RM11.16) was even better with light pastries covering the freshly made strawberry jam. The dish was too tempting and i did not manage to take a photo of it - it was that good.
Came as a foot-long pastry stick, with two cup of fresh milk for dipping - and we skipped the fries.
Shared between the four of us, the kids loved the light pastries that was made to order as well. We meet up with Mr. Lim Wui Ming, the resort's manager. Mr. Lim, or better known by his staff as Mr. Ming, has lost count of the years he is with Strawberry Park. Sharing a few stories over Pie and Tea (Boh, no less), i found out that apart from a blogger friends (Rebecca Saw), he knows two senior man from my Alumni. He was surprised that despite my "youthfulness", i knew these men. Small world indeed!
Best Of Highland - BOH Tea. Kosong.
I was then taken on a tour around the resort. With 145 rooms available for rental, Strawberry Park Resort has enough facilities to keep you busy. From Tennis to Swimming, Choices of food places, outdoor activities or just lounging around the balcony to enjoy the weather, this resort has it all. In fact, the distance from the resort to the t-junction down the hill is 2km - looked like a potential hill workout is in the pipeline!
Heated no less
Later in the evening, we headed to the Thai Restaurant to have a steamboat dinner. Cold weather and steamboat is like chocolate and banana - they are perfect for each other. The F&B Manager, En. Zamri was on hand to ensure that everything was ok. The steamboat is ala carte at the Thai restaurant and buffet at the Garden Terrace.
Strawberry Park Thai Restaurant
Buffet (RM40) Steamboat at Garden Terrace over charcoal steamboat
As the kids are just recovering from bout of flu, we decided to head indoor to Thai Restaurant for dinner.
Dinner courtesy of Strawberry Park Resort. 
We met (or rather, Ryan) a Dutch lady that writes for a travel magazine back in her home. The common denominator between us were family, dogs and the love for writing. She was travelling alone and was writing about the Thai food she ordered.

The food was ready in a jiffy and we ate without much guilt as they were all cooked in clear chicken broth. A good serving of green vegetables were gobbled up, this is after all, Cameron Highland. Land of Fresh Vegetables!
mushrooms, mussel, fish and prawns!
and vegetables!
With dinner done, we took a short drive to Tanah Rata and was surprised to see that globalization has reached Cameron Highland.
Day 1 ended at 2300hours with the kids sleeping after a rather long day by their standard.
Onwards to DAY 2!!!

*The family trip is courtesy of Strawberry Park Resort, Cameron Highland. Our family would like to record our utmost gratitude to the management and staffs for the hospitality given. We would also like to thank Rouge Communication, Petaling Jaya for the opportunity to be here.

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