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Athlete Profile:Au Yong Pui San

The running community is never short of pretty babes such as the one shown in the photo above. Au Yong Pui San, or better known as Pui San is an avid runner that has a few feathers on her beautiful hair. having completed the Sundown Ultramarathon last year, she has since dabbled into the world of SBR with ease. In the course of the e-interview, i have found out more about her than i bargained for compared to if i were to "try keeping up running" next to her. She is always humble and pretty down to earth actually.
Lets get to know her a bit more...
Stupe: We know you are a doctor. Which specialization are you doing now?
Pui San: I'm currently in my first year of postgraduate studies in Sports Medicine.

Stupe: Previously, you were attached to a hospital in Tanjung Rambutan. Are things as crazy as how we all grow up to know there?
Pui San: By the way....we are THE hospital in Tanjung Rambutan.'s a little complicated to answer. Things can get pretty crazy there and sometimes you're in a state of disbelief that such things could happen. Sometimes it can be really funny and hilarious. Other times, it's like an overcrowded nursing home. It really depends. I guess to someone who has no experience in psychiatry, it can get kinda scary. I guess I've been desensitized after 3 and a half years there.

Stupe:  What is the aspect that's most challenging for you when training for an ultramarathon and/or triathlon races? The early weekends, half-day bike rides, non understanding better half?
Pui San: Well....there ain't any non-understanding-better-half, but non-understanding-parents....yeah. But I guess they are hoping it's just a passing phase in my life. I actually love the early morning weekend training. I guess I just love the camaraderie of a training group. I love the feeling of having achieved something tremendous before most people have woken up from bed. I guess the most challenging thing for me would days!!! 
Stupe: Say, if you are elected as the Health Minister of Malaysia, what will be the three biggest changes you will implement to the medical and healthcare system in our country?
Pui San: I rather not comment. I don't want to sound like some politician trying to gain votes. Let's just leave it at this.....the health care system in Malaysia ain't half that bad as what public portrays it to be. 
Stupe: What drives you to do all these ultra distance races? And of course, why Swim Bike Run?
Pui San: first ultra was the Sundown 84km last year. I think part of the reason why I registered for it was because Mohan told me that it was possible. The other part was because everyone told me it was almost impossible for a newbie like me to complete such a distance. And I love the challenge of being the "underdog" and having no expectations on me for completing it. And after crossing the finish dawned on me that if I could run an 84km road race....I could do virtually ANYTHING!!!! Nothing was beyond my ability as long as I put my mind into it. And swim bike run seemed like a natural progression. I've always wanted to try a triathlon. I won't say that I LOVE cycling but my relationship with my bike has improved tremendously since my first sprint back at PD last year. 
Stupe:  Complete this sentence. "My Perfect Man will be...."
Pui San: Correction....there is NO perfect man. It is your willingness to tolerate a man's imperfections and your willingness to work at the issues together that makes a relationship perfect. 

Stupe: You do Ultramarathons, you also do triathlons, recently you ran up a mountain. But what other passion do you have outside of sports?
Pui San: I LOVE to read. I LOVE to travel. I LOVE to learn. It is a big world out there with so much to see, to experience and to understand. Be passionate about life.....although sometimes I do need a gentle reminder about that.
Stupe:  Do you intend to get rid of your fear for height? How do you plan to do it?
Pui San: Fear is not a bad thing. Fear lets you avoid danger....and it makes you feel alive. Kinda like pain. Yea I'm probably sounding like a masochist at the moment. 

Stupe:  Are your family active in sports? Or are you the only one and you constantly get the "staredown" by your parents?
Pui San: My parents are the poster-children of metabolic syndrome!!! The national sport at home is tv-drama-marathon!!! My parents don't understand why I do what i do. There has been plenty of disapproving small talks about my activities.....but there's nothing much they can do about it, considering they have always let me do my own thing while growing up. 

Stupe:  Where can one follow your awesome adventures?
Pui San: Awesome adventure?!?!?! You're kidding, right?! can follow my "adventures" on my blog: I mostly talk nonsense and occasionally blog about the races that I've done. Nothing enlightening and nothing mind blowing. 

With a very positive outlook in life, her sunny side does brighten up everyone around her. Many thanks Pui San for the e-interview. Good Luck this weekend for Powerman Lumut!
*This e-interview was inspired by Photos were taken from Pui San's Facebook. Credit to all individual photographers.

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