Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2012 : Race Report

The run up to race day saw myself and wifey receiving our race kits and myself going to Dataran Merdeka to experience some "race hype". We opted for delivery as to avoid going down to town. It was a blessing in disguise as the parking rates in Dataran Merdeka was daylight robbery. At RM5/hour, that is just absurb. So, the decision to pay RM10 for the racekit was indeed a good choice after factoring in the parking, toll and parking charges.
taken from my Instagram album
The race kit collection was similiar to how they set it up for Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon. With specific lane for lining up and collection in a fast and orderly manner. I say this is a great improvement compared to those days they made people line up under the hot sun. 
Fast and Easy. Seen on Friday, Lunch hour
Sufficient lines to cater for all categories
Adele (pic) of QuickRelease, Lim and Melody was there too. 
Pre-collection to verify status. No drama here as well.
The race expo saw pretty good mix of shops mostly involved as either sponsors or expo partners. Of course you can't compare that to Singapore Marathon where the expo area are like some major bargain corner (if you earn in Singapore Dollar, that is). Nevertheless, the booths were sufficient to cater for everyone as long as you do not get critical with what was on offer.
Fast forward to Sunday, the Day started pretty iffy with me deciding not to wear the polka dot running skirt (in fushcia pink, no less) as i wasn't comfortable with the inner thighs being too tight as it belongs to wifey. I wasn't ready to take the risk and hence, i ended up using whichever shorts i could find. With about 2hours of sleep adding more to the dilemma of the weekend runner, we were up at 2am to prepare for the run with shower, breakfast and toilet time. We left the house at 3am and headed towards Dataran with Lynn and Pat in tow. In our car were Kevin (he stayed over at my place) and Phui Tin. The (Pat and Lynn) heroines just got back from Penang after being there a few hours before to shave their head bald for a cancer cause. Respect the commitment!
Yah! Have to walk so far from Bukit Aman to Dataran. :P L-R Kevin Chiang, Pat Ee, Lynn Guan, Lenglui and Phui Tin.
With the increased entry for this year's Full Marathon, parking was filled up very fast and my usual parking spot was already full when we reached there at 3.30am. Must make mental note to be there even earlier if we are running it again next year. With sea of people around Dataran, it naturally take on a carnival atmosphere. 
This is at the back of the pack. Never had FM filled this much to the edge of Dataran Merdeka
As usual, we had a bunch of friends all came in costume to run the marathon (and by mean of marathon, i meant 42km). They are indeed brave to run in costume as the sweat wicking and movement are surely restricted by, for example, running in a Kebaya like how Mawar did.
Just part of the equation
If that was impressive, the Japanese came as Banana and Radish! How is that for being superbly fun?
Radish-san: I am harder than you. Banana-san: But i am sweeter. 
The Japanese are very creative! Who would had thought? I can only imagine the amount of chaffing and heat in those rubberised suit. Kinky.
By 4.15am, the race organisers has asked everyone to move towards the holding gate. As usual, we decided to stay at the back - that is where all the fun happens. Unless you are a strong runner or an experienced runner, it is always good to stay off the main pack so you do not hamper other's movement. It can be tough to be shoving yourself past slower runners or get someone that suddenly stop as you get into a good pace.
Almost at the back. It was full of people!
And of course, by being behind, you get to talk, laugh, take photos and have fun. No pressure here!
With Mohan, It will be fun
PB written all over
1 Thumb and Four Fingers. :) yes, we can't count. Maybe they subtlely telling "Sub 5"
Sharp at 4.30am, the guns went off and i started my watch. Wifey and friends decided to only start theirs as they cross the first sensor as they are more interested with nett-time. It took us close to 2-minutes to clear from the back to the front - a testament of how many people there were on that day.
One last one before clocking on the 42km! Kok Aik spotted right behind me at start!
Dayabumi...how to run?
In a blur. Sleepy lerh...
Daryl with wifey. I was supposed to wear that Pink Polka Dot, minus the compression wear to show sexy hairy legs.
I always love races like these as it is a great opportunity to meet up with friends and bump into them while doing things we all love. Running for me, is a very social thing. We can all push ourselves during training as that is for our own personal improvement - but for me, race day is also training day with a bit more extra, catching up with friends and getting inspired by people around me.
With Nik. 42km for warm up sir?
This man ran for his dad. RIP uncle.
Just as the Banana and Radish was too ridicolously great, you see someone running with a Tuba. From the back, it resembled an image of an elephant
And from the front, a very handsome "young" man. Leo-san from Japan!
Leo-san with (L-R) Chin Ann, KK Yum and wifey. This photo compulsory! You don't get a One Man Band running anywhere!
Just as the strange get stranger, you suddenly had a flashback of the tweet you read the night before about how someone will be running for a reason - and it is for the cows. 
RM250Million for National Feedlot Corp (NFC), 1Lembu(cow) can run a marathon! Well done sir! And oh, noticed the tail? You bet those cows are running away ;-)
And of course, you get your office colleague that you often exchange notes about running shoes, mileage and all things TCSS. You will remember him as the chap during Bersih that held a black plastic bag and picked up rubbish near Central Market. Uncle Siow. :D
 It started drizzling as we entered the East-West link. With wind blowing pretty stronger, mixed with the sweat on the skin, it got pretty chilly. It is understandable why some of us need to go to the toilet. And that include running couple extraordinaire, Dannie and Carrie. Fantastic couple!
They never fail to enjoy any marathon they entered. They too did 3 marathons in 64 days!
The temperature near Bukit Petaling after the Sungai Besi airbase says that it was 22 degree C. Wow, that is pretty cool morning! First 10km was completed in a decent 1:10! Weather is helping! Just right before the turn off to Dewan Bahasa, i chance upon a group of runners performing morning prayer (Subuh). I can recognise one of them on the far left. It is none other than my friend Khalil.
Praying takes just 10minutes, a marathon is 6-hours. Fantastic analogy.
 As we merge into Jalan Cheras, i bumped into more friends. Some of them i meet for the first time personally - as the like of social media such as Facebook sort of come in one complete circle when we can recognise how each other look. :)
Eugene. Those 2ndSkin T-shirts? His and my friend, Jason's artwork. You are not just buying a T-shirt, you are buying work of art and witty captions!
Shariff Blade Runner. Bumped into him near Loke Yew as he was adjusting his prosthetic. Had to give this buddy a hand as no chairs was available at the water station to let him sit. :) Well done bro!
Khalil caught up after his morning prayer. :)
With Tony Quay at the Pandan roundabout, on his bike, lending support to runners.
My Kuala Lumpur. Fantastic clear sky view at 6.45am
Dannie "Thumbs up" Choong. :D
Fantastic capture by Dannie. This was after me snapping his pic above. :P
At this point, i caught up with Dannie, Carrie and wifey. You see, when i race long races, i usually will take it very easy. Last weekend was no exception as i was having fun pacing up and down the pack and fool around with friends. So, imagine my delight when Leo-san, the single man band, played the theme song from Mickey Mouse as i caught him near Indonesia Embassy!
Fantastic isn't it? Leo-San ran a decent Marathon. He completed the race with the Tuba and Bow tie in 5:30. Beat that. As i near the Pavilion junction, i was overtaken by a familiar figure. It was none other than Gavin Bong. A very humble runner/athlete that i had the pleasure of knowing. He was doing the 21km race and his pace was blistering fast. I shifted gear and managed to catch him after running for almost 10seconds from the pace of 7:00 to 3:45 as i took the photo below.
He said that he slowed down so i can take photo. That even, i was struggling. Thanks bro!
And with Gavin picking up speed again and eventually winning the Men Veteran Half Marathon in 1:23:50, i slowed down and let my HR drop back to 128bpm.
Lenglui Running
As usual, me and wifey went window shopping, like last year. This time around, we were leaner and better looking - but we still wonder what we can do with brands like Hermes or Versace for runners...hahaha!
Go? No Go?
Versace, but are they worth the money?
It wasn't long when Mohan caught up with us with his merry men and women. :) THe whistle is trademark of him being around 500m of you.

"Why you go hiding in bushes?", Mohan asked.
Ultra Marathoner Chin Ann running with hydration pack. Another day in the office for him.
Wifey decided to be cheeky and take photo with the Boys in Blue. I think it was still too early for them to oblige with a photo. :)
Bukit Bintang was devoid of people. All still sleeping? Wait, roads are closed ;-)
This photo is worthy to be touched up. Wait up for the Instagram update ;)
Like last year, there is a cooling zone. Fantastic stuff SCKLM!
Misty Morning? It's just high pressure water.
And to pay homage to Standard Chartered as the official sponsor and title sponsor for the 42km, a shot of their office building. Thank you for the event!
Standard Chartered on right, if you are wondering.
We ran into KLCC and there was a band of drummers beating their percussion. Couldn't resist and stop to take photos of them, Dannie and Mohan dancing to the beat. Run can't be all that serious lah!
Dannie doing the Robot Dance.
Mohan captured this of me dancing and scaring a tourist away. hahahaha!
We had fun. Seriously.
Mohan capturing Dannie dancing away!
As we seldom go downtown, wifey had to get a photo with KLCC.
Hehe. This is for Ezan too. Go Petronas Motorsports!
We continued our run towards Jalan Tun Razak and runners were still in good spirit as we run past GHKL...
Hi-ho, hi-ho, to the work we go!
...Who wouldn't when a family of Seven (hey, it fits into one MPV) were there with motivational posters? Reasons why you should come out and support too!
Thank you!
The runners soon merge into Jalan Ipoh at Sentul side. Traffic was horrendous with many impatience motorists. Sorry drivers. It wasn't intentional.
Barefoot runner spotted behind Wifey!
As we ran past Dynasty Hotel, Khoo with his kids were out supporting too. Compulsory photo!
Always look good!!! Hell is...err..subjective, we were enjoying it!
Thank you Khoo!
As we move along Jalan Sentul towards Jalan Ipoh. The distance already starting to take a toll on many. This is circa KM26.
Hang on there you all! Doing great!
However, with the sponsorship from Salonplas, the muscle pain were made more bearable. Thank you! Fantastic spray that will prevent accidental hand-to-eye-ouch-moment ;-)
Getting some Spray on.
We touched the KM30 mark...but no wall was felt/seen. Nicely done. Usually, by now, wifey would had left me behind (or like she say, i would had dropped back to "do my own things with camera"). I sense with more than enough water station, there was almost no need for me to stay back or run slower to provide a bit of support for mostly first timer marathon runners. I had with me, 2 liters of Accelerade sports drink in my hydration pack and was ice cold (it was kept frozen for 24hours prior) which will perk anyone up. But alas, there was minimal need for that and hence, i thought it will be more meaningful for me to tag along with wifey all the way to the finish.
Forever NOT alone.
Incoherent. But i took these photos as these bugs were left there...for repair perhaps.
Inner Power to Wifey!
A cooling respite from the morning sun that has came out after the brief shower in the early morning.

Like a ray of light. Emergency responder were almost everywhere to tackle any hearty problem. I spotted a portable AED (defib) in that bag, i think. I could be wrong.
Jalan Kuching. Yes, it was us causing the jam Sorry.
Just down the road before the turn off to Jalan Duta, another shower was set up. This time, i thought it was more for a triathlon transition at T1 after swim, with shower head. Awesome. 
But wifey played "water avoid-dance" with it.
As we entered the Segambut Roundabout, two very sweet angels with their parents were by the roadside (closed to traffic) offering Tim Tam. Nice and very much Thank you!
Yes please, do take one...before i take one to eat
They bring cheers and smile! Thank you again girls!
The much anticipated support station at KM36 by Choi and Kak June was a big hit. It was like a grocery shop with varieties of items for the taking (and eating).
Choi on behalf of LYN runners. Nice!
FMV Support Station! Thanks All!
And who can resist the time-tested Ais Krim Malaysia in Assam Boi flavour? I can't!
Kak June offering the Ice Cream! Wifey was busy having the best Snicker in her life...
Thumbs up!
At this point, with 6KM more to go, it gets kinda exhausting for those attempting the 42km to go on. But the secret to finishing well is to KEEP MOVING FORWARD. At this point, there were possibility for wifey and me doing a sub-5hours marathon. WOW! 36km covered in 4:20, very possible!
Walk minimally, but keep running. Makes a lot of differences!
I caught up with Zul Chap Ayam. He was unfortunately down with diarrhea. No joke as it can take your spirit away. But he stayed on strongly.
Tummy ache...
He preserved and did finish within 5:30. That's the spirit bro!
A guy that ran for many reasons, the NFC, the Lynas, the WWW15 number, the Scorpene, the RAPID, the Racism, the Bersih and the late Teoh Beng Hock.
Did not catch your name bro. But well done on your 3rd Marathon in decent 5:30. Most importantly, for having the guts to run 42km for REASONS!!!
We arrived at the last 2km and bumped into Dicky. :) Nice bro!
Looking good!
And of course, many other more motivational posters...
I hope you don't meant me...
Along the final 2km stretch, we bumped into Bandit, Jaz and family. This is why i am out running, we get to meet friends and buddies and families!
Wifey sneaking up behind them
As we ran towards the finishing. I saw the watch and it can be very possible for a 5:15 finish. Wifey will improve her personal best by close to 10mins if we continued the pace. The three photos below were taken by Tey, speaks of the reason why we ran...it was a perfect finish for the both of us - running hand in hand and clocking PB timing for our 42km, identical, together.
She crying or she "peace" signing?
oooo...Peace sign...
Thank You Tey! Fantastic capture on the D5100!
We got hold of Noor and told him a 5:15 is possible. We got him to sprint for it. After all, he deserves the great timing after almost not starting at Bali Marathon due to injury to his ankle. Closer to finish line, we bumped into Mac too. In fact, almost hugging him. We would had hug him if not when we were chasing the clock - for once. LOL.
And the crowd gathering near the finishing was just one too many. We got confused for a while with the signage and human traffic.
On the way we sprint! Thank you Mac!
It was a run to the finish with many cheering us on. I heard my name being shouted but i can't make out whole it was. At that moment, what mattered most was to bring wifey and myself to the finish line. I can feel the excitement in her voice as she gather all the energy she had for that final 5:30 pace sprint.
A bit more!
We crossed the line, clocking 5:15:07. Personal Best Scored for both of us!
5:15 Nett time. 5:17 Gun time. Perfect Ending
After crossing the line and collected the medals and finisher-T, we went back to lend a bit of support to the others. Here is Bandit with the lady he pledge to help complete the 5km. Awesome bro!
Nicely done.
And here is the ever busy and selfless Tey. Respect.
And here is Asfani. :) My senior in RMC. Still active and in great shape.
Hey...i can't recognise you!
Here is my ex-colleagues from AECOM. :) Great to see them all running.
Make it a habit ok?
Here is Doc Pui San and friend. :)
Surprised? Me? LOL!
With Julie, that did 10km in a baby bump. You can't keep her down!
With Mohan, Winnie, Leo-san and another runner at the tent. All finished safely!
Encore Leo-san?
And with Terk, wifey Zaza and friends. He lost 10kg. I am proud of him and the achievement of all four running a great 10km!
Lost so much weight Terk!
And finally, for myself...the last photo, taken by Mohan, again, says it all. The race was Awesome with a Capital A.W.E.S.O.M.E.
Luckily got brush teeth, showered and shaved.
3 Marathons in 64 days and with a Personal Best identical to wifey, hand in hand to the finish line - PRICELESS!
By the way, i did ask wifey what will be our next race. She answered "Sleep".
I will let her sleep on in for a while before signing up for the next race ;-) Watch this space. We only just begun.
Race Stat from Garmin Connect
I was apparently "moving" for 4:59:33 (hey, sub-5!) so i was technically not moving for close to 17minutes. :) Yeap, there was where all the above photos of fun came from ;-)
Race pros:
- Great race kit pick up and option to have them sent to the runners. Helped the runners with a bit of logistical nightmare if it only has pick up option.
- Must be the race where the water stations were so well stocked it will be a shame if anyone ever complained about insufficient water!
- Great concept of stacking the water cups. International standard definitely!
- Fantastic support from Salonplas with those muscle spray. I believe after this, many people will associate these spray as a "must have" for exercise.
- Delicious energy gel from MaxFuel. Tried it first time and like it. I try not to take energy food if i can help it.
- Observed many medical personnel going around with a first aid bag. I secretly hope there is a unit of Defib or AED inside each.
- Heavy Polis, DBKL and marshal presence. Traffic were managed well except one or two incidents for myself. Malaysian drivers are really impatient people!
- Cool Zone with mist and water spray. Even with the not so hot weather, it was a welcome change. 
Race cons:
- Awful parking rates at Dataran Merdeka. Friends parking there had to pay up to RM50! That is ripoff! Suggestion: Flat rate by flashing the race bib. Update: Was told by Deo that parking was RM6 only if the person came in before 3am and leave after 11.30am. Those that came after 3am or leave before 11.30am need to pay by the hour.
- Sponging station could be improved by having the sponge basin placed at higher ground. Most sponges were placed at road level (inside basin) and require runners to bend down to pick them up. Potential cramping situation. Some stations volunteers did hand out the sponges, making it more bearable for other. Suggestion: Place basin at waist height.
- Some race volunteers/authority personnel manning the Aid Stations were smoking. Told two off, but they were...well...obnoxious about it. Suggestion: perhaps, during briefing for race volunteers/personnels, to remind them it is not a good idea to be smoking where the water, sponge or isotonics were.
- Certain stations has "special food" counter for elite athletes (for their preferred energy drink/gel/food). They were too close to the other drinks and this greatly impair their chances of getting to their own supplement, costing them precious time. Suggestion: Separate table after the usual water station.
- Finishing was a bit messy with crowds blocking the way. Suggestion: A bit of crowd control perhaps? It is hard, but, can always try...
Can be improved:
- Traffic control at smaller junctions. I was cut off three times by cars going in/coming out of small junctions where there were no personnel around. I run wit my eyes aware of these, some runners with music in their ears of not paying attention could be knocked down.


  1. Cool report and cool finishing !!! Thanks for the feature :) congrats to both of you!!!

  2. Syiok lah reading this report. Well done to you and wife! Btw, parking at the Dataran Merdeka basement only charged RM6 per entry, but must arrived before 3am and can only leave after 11.30am.

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  5. Kak J - Gerai K36 always the best!

    Deo - corrected and thanks for the info bro!

    Daryl - :) as usual, you are inspiring always, brought home how many this year on the full?

    Che - thank you and yes, room for improvement always exist and Diringo does a good job listening to everyone!

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    Wish i can do more if its not because of the operation and work...well, the year has not end yet...:)

  8. Daryl -that 4 is already running 4 marathons in 1 day.

    We are not talking about who better wei. :) A marathon is a marathon. We still get same medal and same finisher t. :)

    Your operation takes a toll on you. But you be back way stronger.

  9. Nice one stupe! Didn't run, but I felt the sweat and tears and cheers!

    Btw, the fella with running for his dad and the gal beside him are my colleagues from KK. Small world!


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  11. Congrats both of you! Great report as usual and i believe you could hit sub 5. I look forward to your next race report...

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    Kate - Sub 5 no sub 5 is just matter of number. What is most important is that we finish injury free and finish strong. :) It was superbly enjoyable and fun. :)

  13. it must have been the best marathon i have ran..all because i had the hubs with me every single step of the way... literally

  14. Interesting take on your full marathon run! I always thought that those running 42km would be serious runners, but apparently you surely had fun - especially sight-seeing and taking photos with people! :)

    When I went to collect my Race Pack at Dataran Merdeka, I just parked at the roadside - no parking fee. The collection queue wasn't bad at all during the Saturday lunch hour. And on the day itself, took the LRT to Masjid Jamek.

    Well, I ran only 5KM. It was my first. Fun and hopefully more to come! :)

  15. Wifey - takes one to know one. :) Love ya.

    Ken Wooi - the marathon runners aren't serious ppl. Ppl that run 42km on an off day can't be all that serious. :) Do read my race report for Borneo and Bali marathon. You will see many familiar faces and you might think it is one long continous race we are doing.

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