Friday, June 08, 2012

A Sample of Sustainable Eating Habit

This was what I had for Breakfast, lunch and snack last Tuesday.
I brought along two servings of:
1. banana+peach+apple+orange+milk+spirulina+whey smoothies (contain one fruit/serving each);
2. two bananas; and
3. two serving of rolled oats with cranberries, raisins and nuts - to be eaten only with cold water.

Calories breakdown:
1xBanana (Dole) 6-inches long - 89kcal
1xOrange (medium) - 69kcal
1xGreen apple (medium) - 70kcal
2xPeach (in light syrup, drained and washed) - 80kcal
1/2cup (125ml) full cream milk - 80kcal
1xScoopwhey (Optimum Nutrition Whey) - 120kcal
1xTeaspoon spirulina powder -  20kcal (negligible)
1 cup water
The above makes 25 liquid oz of smoothie which translate about 800ml of liquid. Good enough for 2 servings.
Total calories for smoothie is 528kcal or 260kcal/12.5oz. 
1xBanana (Dole) 6-inches long - 89kcal
1x 1/2cup of Rolled oats - 150kcal
1x tablespoon cranberries - 32kcal
1x tablespoon raisins - 40kcal
1x tablespoon almond (about 3 nuts) - 21kcal
Take this in PLAIN WATER. :Þ
Total calorie is 243kcal which typically fills up about 3/4 cup.

Total for Breakfast or lunch (as they are identical) - 503kcal. Add in a Banana for snack in between, you will ingest about 592kcal/meal which will be more than sufficient to last from morning until late afternoon. You can even opt to skip dinner, or just have a smaller (controlled) portion of food to make up the 1500kcal needed for a sedentary lifestyle (i.e. sit in office 10hours/day). Even if you would exercise (like i do on Tuesday and Thursday by running around the office area), i would need only at most, another 200kcal (for a run up to 7km) to supplement my calorie need and still just break even or be at slightly negative caloric intake for the day.
This 500kcal is equivalent to 1 piece of roti canai with fish curry (gravy only). Take your pick which one will you eat ;-)
More calories to make you go silly here

Sustainable eating habit and diet must be easy to prepare and no drama. Many people fail as they see healthy food as not palatable and impossible to prepare; and they could not stop binging on snacks.
Eating healthy is a lifelong commitment. Exercising is part of the formula and discipline completes the whole equation. 
So, which part of the formula are you seriously lacking now? Make the change. It is not too late. Take this weekend to weigh what you want from your life out of eating clean and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


  1. Nice post and yummy smoothie. I've got to say that you're looking fantastic - trim, healthy and happy.

    People need to take note!

  2. Simon - thank you for the compliment. Many, including family, has questioned why i am so thin and looked haggard. Funny thing is, i felt perfectly fine and never been fitter. When i thought i was at my fittest, i hardly can maintain a 5:00 pace for 2km and justify it with "distance".

    With a cleaner eating habit and (gasp!) calorie counting to what i JUST need...i never felt better. :)