Thursday, June 28, 2012

Current Breakfast Routine - Smoothie

Most of you that has been following this humble blog will know that i eat hamster/bird/horse food for breakfast. It is a concoction of rolled oats, nuts, raisins, berries, more rolled oats.
You can have it with milk or you can have it with just water. And by mean of plain water, i really meant it as...well, plain water. I know what you are thinking.
"How Did You Eat This Crap Bro?". Photo from my Instagram
Then some of you knows how i make my own smoothie out of whatever i can find at home. Usually, it will be the like of banana, orange, apples and well, whole edible food.
Banana and Tomato Smoothie
It was just a question of "when" before more food are thrown into the blender to produce creamy Smoothie. Items such as powdered Spirulina (very rich in iron from plant source).
Apple, Banana, Orange and Spirulina with Milk. Photo from my Instagram.
Just as that became delicious, i decided to combine the rolled oats breakfast with the smoothie. But of course, i reduce the amount of fruits and stick with just one item or two such as just banana and/or orange per serving. The results provide a very filling breakfast smoothie that last me from 8am until well pass 12.30pm. Awesome. Essentially, the nett calorie works out to be about the same as one full serving of the oats or the smoothie, but with more fiber and more low GI food items. That, i believe, allowed for a slower burning of the ingested food and sustained me longer.
Breakfast and Lunchpack from my previous write up
And today, feeling a bit hungry than usual, I placed a bit more bite into the smoothie by not blending them together. It gave texture and chewy effect that was, as usual, delicious.
Yes, i ate this.
As you can see, sustainable eating goes beyond sticking to just one type of food, but you can have variety of concoction just based on a few combination available. I made two servings of this where i ate one for Breakfast and another one for immediate replenish after my run in the evening from Office to Sect 17 to Sect 16 to University to Padang Utara to Rothman and back - a 10.5km effort On June 14.
10.5km in 57mins. :) Nice. Spirulina smoothies to repack the 700kcal burn!
And that was called for too, since i ran up 9 floor to office in 1:43. :) Nice!
So, in order to "follow through" the Smoothie Addiction, i made Orange Rolled Oats the next morning. With Full cream milk and water, no less. Was it delicious? Superbly so. The succulent sap of the navel orange with texture from the rolled oats and creaminess of full cream milk being whisked at 1200rpm (blender) for a smooth filling recovery (and recover right) drink. Calves-ache? Hardly.
For The Win


  1. i find that using rolled oats gives me indigestion. so i pakai instant oats instead for my smoothies.

  2. Anon - Reasons for rolled oats is it is less processed and with fiber. processed instant oats is all carbs with minimal fiber.

  3. Great idea for smoothie to mix up wt the oats etc.. instead of plain milk.. thks for sharing bro

  4. Alvin - yeap! Variety. Sustainable eating, not "diet today, forget tomorrow" because no one wants to take meal replacement for months!