Friday, June 15, 2012

Haze Is Back In Malaysia June 15, 2012

Special Update
With no warning from the Government and/or Meteorological department and/or Department of Environment (DOE), the Malaysians, particularly the Klang Valley-ites welcomes back the yearly Haze. Situation monitored since June 13 shows a deteriorating condition in places such as Shah Alam, Klang, Kuala Selangor and Petaling Jaya. Today, June 15 showed the worse possible within the past 1 week of Air Quality Index or better known as API in Malaysia.
Condition as of 0930hours June15, 2012.
And this is a time lapse video of the same location about a week ago taken by myself in the office. Compare the visibility and the blue sky with clouds!
The data at the DOE website states the API recorded a high of 131 at Kuala Selangor. Shah Alam is rising to 106 as we speak and PJ is touching 85 with KL going 91. It is already at UNHEALTHY level!
Petaling Jaya moving towards UNHEALTHY in 15ppm! Image from
Numbers of site approaching Moderate air quality. Image from
You can check the API at the DOE website here.
What is alarming is the apathy from the government of NOT issuing any statement at least on the website of the relevant government or agencies.
DOE website with no immediate info
Meteorological Map from showing absolutely no Hot spot
Upon some searching, i found immediate info on Singapore Meteorological Department on the existence of Haze.
Image from Mets Singapore
If you notice, the MODERATE haze is between Malaysia and Sumatera (Orange box) and dotted RED spot shows HOT Spot or places known to have open burning significant enough for the Weather Satellite NOAA-18 to pick up. Sad to say, Borneo (particularly SARAWAK) is having major activities going on. As for the current HAZE in Klang Valley, it is easy to BLAME the fire happening in Klang (as shown in the photo from Facebook below, that happened on June 13, 2012), but are they significant enough to do all these API numbers?
Photos from Aleximon Facebook.
Well, the answer is actually the clarification on the Singapore Met site.
Central and Northern Sumatra on Fire!
Now, lets hope the haze will go away soon! Health hazard ahead! Apathy from the Government relevant agencies and even Malaysians in general is just sad. 
Tips to avoid falling sick due to the haze:
1. Drink more water
2. Stay indoor if possible and reduce exposure to haze if you are asthmatic   or have respiratory issues
3. Wear face mask or particulate mask (minimum of 95micron size such as those N95 mask)
4. Reduce outdoor activities or stop if breathing become difficult.
4. Drink more water!


  1. The picture above is one of the incidents of open burning in Klang. Everyday there is someone burning outside their homes. Tat's only one 'Taman'.imagine how many tamans are there in Klang. Guess what does MPK do when someone files a complaint? Nothing..

  2. Anon - yes. Malaysians mudah lupa. Burning is like a "tradition" passed down from the old days when most people in kampung gather all the dried leaves and burn it at sun down to help with mossie control.

    In an urban setting, with less trees and all, this potentially add to the pollution with more vehicles after office hour moving and makes the air we breathe, bad.

  3. Write the addresses here I will personally come visit their homes. Your govt will not do anything.

  4. That kind of smoke won' create the tick haze condition. In Singapore, check the smoke from the factory areas...I see it everyday. The wind blows from Sumatra and Singapore towards Malaysia...but most from Sumatra/Indonesia. Check the fact and stop being k1a5u...