Friday, June 29, 2012

Renault Koleos Facelift Launched In Malaysia

I believe the previous entry on Renault Clio R.S. 200 Cup Ange et Demon Limited Edition has got some of your pulses racing. Together on the same day of the launch was the Renault Koleos for year 2012. While all attention shifted to the obvious Demon, my heart was set a-fluttering for what looked like a potential candidate for a SUV-like vehicle that Renault classify as a Crossover; a vehicle built on passenger car platform with functions of a SUV. Ultimately, the "best of both world".
Bold front with bi-xenon light and fixed cornering lights
Originally launched in 2008 and with more refinement and additional features, this newcomer reasserts the dynamic personality of the original thanks to an elegant, more expressive front-end styling while its carefully-finished interior delivers the expected package of refined appointments and travelling comfort.
Many of you that know me will also know the current car i am driving and my desire to get a truck. While it is good to dream, it never hurt to wish too ;-)
Contemporary rear adds to the dynamic stance
Its extensive equipment specification includes all of Renault’s latest useful and intuitive technologies, including parking sensors, hands-free entry and ignition, joystick-operated Carminat TomTom Live navigation and Hill Start Assist. While these all sounded very high-tech, i was told that they are all user friendly. The New Renault Koleos comes with a 4x4 transmission, paired with a 170hp 2.5-litre petrol engine housed in a body that measures 4.52m in length and 1.85m in width. The interior is simple and include a panoramic sunroof that will allow for a less "confined" feeling as the sunroof will provide virtual head space, giving a feeling of roominess.
Command Centre with the Cminat TomTom Navigation system at the (in-dash, Top) and the control below the gear shifter (toggle/joystick style, Bottom)
With full leather seats and a Bose sound system, it will be understandable if the captain (aka driver) might not want to leave the car when he reaches his destination to just enjoy that Beethoven's Symphony No. 5 or just to head bang to Jon Bon Jovi (yes, i am that old).
Closer look
The rear door include a dual-split calm-shell style that opens up to allow for access into the boot area. The cargo space is by far the largest i have seen and it makes me wonder how one would be able to retrieve anything stuck at the far inner corner without climbing into the car or accessing from the back seat. My iPhone as a comparison, you can imagine just how many kitchen sinks you can fit into.
Nothing impressive until...
The whole boot opens up. Swallowing you up, literally
How many bicycles can it fit?
Renault Koleos does not try to squeeze in another 2 more seats to make this a 7-seaters like some of the pseudo-MPV/SUV vehicles. Afterall, we all know one of the criteria for Malaysians buying cars would be the ability to fit in a Football team (reserves included) to justify it's value. To start with the 15liter glove compartment with chiller function could possible fit in the Team Manager's celebratory beer. It's huge. The glove box i meant.
The French and their Space
 If that wasn't enough, there are 70liters of compartmentalised storage all over the car, including the middle console with removable bin. Extra space at the front is provided in a form of a drawer beneath the front
passenger seat, as well as two lidded five-litre cubbies set into the floor. The rear part of the central armrest incorporates stowage space and can-holders, while the underfloor stowage space in the boot amounts to 28 litres. Rear passengers benefits from folding tables - complete with cup-holder - mounted on the front seat backs.What you will do with these space is for your own imagination; just do not forget what you put, and where.
The Renault Koleos has a high ground clearance. The manufacturer claimed that it will not effect the car handling and mentioned that it will drive like a car with MacPherson-type front suspension combines with the independent multi link rear promises a firm and comfortable ride. Being an All-Wheel Drive vehicle, It has three-mode of "drive": Auto, LOCK or 2WD. Despite its higher ground clearance, New Koleos handles more like a saloon car but benefits from the additional active safety of all-wheel drive. Three ‘drive’ modes can be selected: Auto, LOCK or 2WD: 8 Auto mode, front/rear torque split is automatically calculated as a function of available grip. In LOCK mode: the driver only has to flick a switch on the dashboard to electronically lock the transmission in 4x4 mode for travelling on roads where grip is required such as gravel, muddy or dirt road. This mode directs 50 percent of torque to the rear wheels. In 2WD mode: the transmission can be locked in two-wheel drive mode. In normal  conditions, torque is delivered to the front wheels only. Should less grip become available, or in conditions where traction is difficult, some of the torque is diverted to the rear. In extreme conditions, torque is shared equally between the front and rear wheels. When pulling away from standstill, the system delivers engine torque to all four wheels. Torque-split is ensured by an electronic coupler which is controlled by the Nissan-developed ‘All mode 4x4-i’ system. 
Where safety are concerned, potential owner will be happy to know that the Renault Koleos has a 5-stars Euro NCAP rating.Equipped with a 320mm diameter front discs and 292mm rear discs bring Koleos to a standstill from 100kph in just 41 metres. In emergency situations, when taking avoidance action or when grip is lost, Renault Koleos drivers can count on ABS with electronic brake force distribution and emergency brake assist. Standard include 6-airbags and anti-whiplash seats to protect even the rear passengers in event of rear-collision.
Priced at RM223,810.70 without insurance, this Crossover certainly is at the premium price.
Here are some photos taken during the launch. I admit that i did not get all the photos i needed, hopefully, i will get a chance to test drive one for a day or two to fully experience the full features.

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  1. Renault has now made its classic debut and good start by huge success of Duster.The people's benevolence towards Renault shows that Koleos will also get huge response which looks stunning and massive.