Monday, June 04, 2012

Timex GPS Global Trainer Signal Review

If you have been following the blog, you will know that i did a short review on the Timex Global Trainer (TGT) concentrating on the basic feature and how one could (almost) immediately update and use the TGT and maximises the unit. Much like what i did for the Garmin 910XT GPS signal, this entry serve to provide a visual clue on the SiRFIII chip on the TGT. Read about some jargon and how the well the Garmin 910XT locks to the satellites here. Be reminded that it takes only about 1minute max for the 910XT to lock on from COLD start.
It takes a good 2 minutes for the TGT to lock on. The differences in time is obvious when compared (or spoilt) by the Garmin 910XT. That is still understandable due to the SiRFIII chip that is in TGT compared to the SiRFIV in 910XT.
If you did watch the video above until it ends, you will noticed i went "blank" for a while when the time did not co-relate with what was expected. I soon found out that the watch has no auto-update on the time zone and that needs to be done manually. I actually mentioned this in the review of TGT yesterday. Anyhow, it is easy to do once you figured out the problem. Yeap, it is user problem.

With that done. The next thing is to check how fast the TGT will find the signal HOT-start. I did a run on the day i received the TGT and i had to stand almost 2minutes, maybe more for the satellite to lock on. With the Garmin 910XT, it was minimal lag on the signal locking. However, once i got it going, the TGT tells enough data to keep me distracted from the chore of running. :) Data transfer via the USB cable and linking it to the website was simple, though unlike GarminConnect, you have to "upload" the file that has been sync-ed with your PC.
Too cluttered!
Once the workout has been uploaded (manually), you can then see the data and start tracking your workout proper.
So, there you have it. With two different GPS watches compared that functions as a multisport watch with mapping and data capabilities, you will now have more information to make your next (informed) purchases. I own both the watches and both will be used interchangeably for me to better understand how both will work and their other "hidden" functions. So, stay tune to this blog for further update.

Update June 4, 2012 : I was told there is new firmware update (May 30 : Timex Global Trainer 
Firmware vF-XGH-2B-1205211.GHX). So i am downloading it NOW to try it. Device Agent need to be upgraded as well. Thanks Anon.


  1. Hello.
    New firmware released on 5/30.

    Timex Global Trainer Firmware vF-XGH-2B-1205211.GHX Release Notes

    >Improved time-to-first fix with initial 3D >acquisition in clear conditions in under 1 minute.

    Try it ?

  2. Hello, already upgraded to the 3.14. The May 30 one is done now/today.

    Many thanks for the info.

    Will update again once that is updated.

  3. too old to tinker with me gps watch, just like watching tv, switch on / off only...

  4. Hey . If i order a TGT from Ebay. then it ships to Malaysia from US . will it be taxed if it reaches Malaysia ?

    1. Winds - My first TGT got lost in post. If you are, i suggest you let the seller know not to declare the value and get it sent via registered mail or courier mail.