Thursday, June 14, 2012

Direction to 7th Mile Kitchen

My entry on the 7th Mile Kitchen that serves authentic Sarawak (Chinese - Non halal) hawker food has perhaps pique some of your interest and even  got you to try their offerings. Their new place is hard to find for those of you not familiar with Kelana Jaya and it's surrounding. This entry serve to help you locate the place and a friend, Cynthia Gan, has illustrated a good map to help you find them.

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Here is a time-lapse video i taken coming from SS2 via LDP Kelana Jaya LRT Station
Hope you can find the place and enjoy what the place got to offer. To start with, try the Tomato Kuey Teow, it's good and flavourful! As the items are as good as home made, quality ingredients and no preservatives were used in making the Kolomee noodles. They are made daily and the food at this outlet are sold out everyday. Go before 2pm to avoid disappointment.
Sarawak Laksa
Foochow Mee
Tomato Kuey Teow

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