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7th Mile Kitchen - Authentic Sarawak Food

I chance upon a hawker stall about a 10 months back at this place called Restoran Megah Good Luck in Taman Megah. It was part of the plan to let the children eat other than the usual home prepared food that will possibly limit their tolerance to outside food. Being very careful not to feed them fastfood - as it is just too easy to do that, the quest for a reasonably decent hawker food has brought us to let the children try food such as wantan mee. My qualms about wantan mee is that they are always oily and it varies from one shop to another.
So, when i saw a stall at the far corner of a restaurant serving kolok mee - i know that i must introduce this to the family.
Sarawak Laksa - or what was supposed to be there about 10minutes before the photo was taken. 
Having travelled to East Malaysia often in my previous job - and having heard so much about kolok mee when in Kuching has driven me to try every single stalls that serves them (in Kuching and Miri). With my current job, travelling is limited (Yay!) and the craving for good Sarawak food and finding an authentic stall that serves them became a task. That was until i was introduced to Alex and his family by Raymond Tomatoman Ng.
Perhaps, i could be the last person (that pride myself to be a semi-pro foodie) to find out about this! The famed Sam Cheong - the man that eats everything has covered this before!
October 26, 2010. The Stars.
Nevertheless, it was never late to find them. For the past 10 months, the family has been going to have our weekly fix of Sarawak Laksa, Kolok Mee and Mee Tomato. So much so that the family serving them (The Kwan) has become sort of friend to us.
On May 6, 2012 while me and wifey were slogging it out in Borneo Marathon, the Kwan gave birth to their new place called 7th Mile Kitchen (non-halal). Reason for the move was partly motivated by the drive to provide more choices to the regular customers apart from breaking free from the typical rent-a-stall setup in a typical Chinese kopitiam.
Simple setup - what really count is the food
We were there with a group of friends. What better way to share some joy than to share food that we know are good?
Sarawak Food Virgins - except the kids, wifey and Phui Tin. The rest are, virgins.
The menu offered was extensive. Much more than what was offered at the previous stall at that kopitiam.
As you can see, the prices are reasonable for the portion and quality you will be getting. The family pride themselves with serving only with the freshest ingredients and even homemade egg noodles - that simply meant no preservatives!
This is where some of the magic happens
Mr and Mrs. Kwan. Past retirement, but driven by passion to promote authentic Sarawak fare
We ordered the predictable (as in...routine) items such as the Sarawak Laksa, the Kolok Mee and he never tried before Fuzhuo Mee (getting adventurous)
The Super Delicious Sarawak Laksa. Prawn so fresh you thought they were jumping!
The Kolok Mee even the most fussiest eater (the kids) gives two thumbs up. Kiddos know the owner as "uncle kolok mee!". This serving is with homemade lean charsiew, lean mince pork and homemade egg noodle!
The wonderful first time tried Fuzhou Fried Mee. It is like Sarawak Laksa minus the spiciness and the broth is creamy to the last drop. Getting used to this.
The Kitchen share their space with another Kuching native that serves authentic kuching kopitiam drinks. While the usual Kopi and Teh 'C' Ping is expected, see what you can spot from the drink menu below.
Reasonably priced. Canned drink for RM2 is a gem in PJ area.
Spot anything unusual? Sarsi Cincau? Sundrop Orange Juice?? White Ladies??? You bet.
While we did not get the first two as we know pretty much what they are - the third, the White Ladies pique our interest. We found out it was milk with lemon, and pineapple, and longan. Strange concoction but trust me...it was superb.
Oooooo...Yeah. White Ladies. Gives you the corny chance to say you had a foreigner ;-). This one is milky, creamy, tangy and refreshing at the same time!
Teh 'C' Ping Special. Authentic 3-layer tea, Kuching style. Don't worry,not sweet.
This is a free plug for the Kwans and also for Samson (the engineer-turned-drink maker, apparently, he mountain bike too!). This 7th Mile Kitchen is a MUST TRY and you might just turn this into a MUST EAT at least once a week. Experience speaks for itself, as the kids and us have been eating what Alex and family has been dishing out for the past 10 months.
Visit them at Kelana Sentral Apartment. Map and contact per photo below.
From my instagram. Kitchen opens everyday from 6.30am to 1pm or 2pm. Do call Alex at the number above if you are running late or if you want to make reservation.
if the food is not good, tell them.
if the food is good, tell others!

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  1. yum yum yum!! :)Thanks for introducing it to us... can't wait for the next makan session here..gonna bring my parents here the next round they're in kl