Thursday, May 03, 2012

Inspirational Video To Change Your Life

Some say i inspired them to push for a changed living after seeing me drop from 85kg to 67kg. Many asked why i actually did it. It all started with a life-changing situation many of us encounter as working adult - work stress.
It then went to other things like how we start to lose friends because they passed away at young age.
It is then you reflect on your young family, and how much you will miss them when you are no longer there.
It is through "PURE DESIRE TO CHANGE MY LIFE" that has lead to this.
Some would say i am not living my life the way it should, but what is living a life you want when you are not able to do all the things you could just because you are now obese, sick and in denial?
The video below was made through 3 purpose in the person's life. Enjoy. It's ok to drop a tear.

Go ahead, MAKE that CHANGE!


  1. so touching!! :) dang!! good sharing! Everyone can run, everyone can change as long as you have the determination!! woot woott...

  2. Many in denial about their own health. Citing more reasons for the way they live and eat, drink and be merry.

    true we only live that long, true that "what is life if we don't enjoys it".

    But how each does it is subjective.

    We all know what is destructive, but most are in great denial about it. it will always be "it won't be me" until it happens.