Thursday, May 10, 2012

Casio Duro MDV 103D-1AV

Fresh from the Casio Duro 200 MDV-106-1A1V review, this is specifically for another Duro that was purchased recently. The MDV103D-1AV was actually purchased before the MDV-106. The biggest differences between the 103 and the 106 is the watch face design. the 103 has a more "fun" approach to it while maintaining the similar features.
Split viewing of date and day on the watch face on the MDV 103D. Notice the "wavy" watch face?

Unlike the 106D, the 103 has a case that is larger at 50mm instead of the 48.5mm. The differences is very small and could not be visually differentiated unless you measure it with a vernier clamp.

From the photo above, you can see that the watch face of the 103 has "wavy" like surface as pattern where else the more serious looking 106 has a plain face.
The other more obvious differences is at the second hand where the 103 present a rounded hand instead of the arrow hand in the 106.
Similarly to the 106D, the 103 has the back casing with embossed Marlin fish and the model number. The 103 has larger buckle compared to the 106 as from the photograph below. Though the size/width of the metal straps are the same.
 Together, these two "diver's" watch compliment each other really well without being overly "overstated". They do not scream "attention" and fits nicely on the wrist while noticeably you will feel it there due to the weight with the 106D coming in at 9grams heavier (153grams).
Retailing at the same price at RM350, one can easily get it off at about RM250 at the local watch shop. The bottom Ringgit you ultimately will pay depends on how much you feel the watch will be worth to you. Be reminded that similar styled diving watches from the other Japanese company will cost at least double the retail price and still functions the same.
So, which is your favorite from the two?


  1. Nice watch, have you figured it out whats the meaning of numbers at position 4 to 5...???
    I believe at six o'clock you get the date, according to user manual, so what's going on with these numbers..??
    Thank you.


    1. Hello Lfestion - i believe it is just a fashion thingy. Makes it looked like a complication. :)

    2. I see...
      Thank you for your reply.!!