Friday, May 04, 2012

One Down Two To Go : Borneo Marathon 2012

Will be on the flight to KK tomorrow afternoon and arriving at the beautiful Kinabalu by 7pm. Intention was to reach KK by 3pm so we could R&R and prepare for the race. That was the plan until AirAsia decided to delay the flight to 4.00pm. So, THANK YOU VERY MUCH AIRASIA.

And i bought the ticket at a more expensive price than what they are selling now. At least give me free food Tony Fernandez!
Then again, not as if you know what being a budget traveller is anyway. OK. ranting off.
So yes. With Bali Marathon completed in a trilogy write up here, here and here. If you have not read it, i suggest you do. Most people (especially me) said it was awesome. :P
I was fully recovered by Tuesday. No pain and no fatigue except the sleep deprivation due to coming home late after Bali marathon and subsequently back to work. I am expecting the same for Borneo.
Wish me and wifey good luck in our run on Sunday Morning! And thank you Doc Azman for picking up our race kits! :D

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  1. Hi Stupe,

    All the way bro, and all the best...enjoy!!!!