Monday, May 14, 2012

Personal Best For 1-Mile CLOCKED!

My obsession with 1-mile all out effort. Those following this will know i went from 8:14 to 8:25.9 to 7:39.5. I couldn't wait for 6-weeks to re-time the 1-mile effort and decided to try it on Saturday. That was after i ran 4km with the family a TTDI park as part of the interview with the press. I felt good and i felt strong. As the title of the blog posting is a dead giveaway, yes, i did my Personal Best for the 1-mile effort. This time, with the 910XT that gives me up to +/-4m accuracy, the 1.61km distance  that i set as a 1-mile "workout" (spoiler : read about it in my Forerunner 910xt review tomorrow Wednesday as tomorrow there is a FOOD write up).
Holy Grail
Again, the obsession with this 1-mile run is because it is often used as a gauge for general fitness. While the more acceptable method is to run a full 2.4km or 1.5miles to calculate the VO2max, the 1-mile run are often used as a basic gauge for Military fitness. If you are "fighting fit", you stand more chances to survive a war - and i have every intention of doing that.
So, what's the deal with the PB? Just my own "shiok sendiri" (Self-gratifying) benchmark, nothing more than that. To most it is just some gibberish data. For me, it is a measure of my own fitness progress.
Without further ramblings, i went from 7:39.5 to 7:00.75!!!! and !
Yes. I am a data-nerd.
The GarminConnect website synced the workout and posted the timing as 7:01, which is a round up (the watch recorded to 1/100seconds). I am still a happy camper. That was an AWESOME (yes, i am excited with my mediocre performance) 39 seconds improvement.
nyek nyek nyek...
I pushed to my 100% effort and next time i try this, i will give my 110% effort to get it to sub 7 minutes. This whole thing with speed and going anaerobic is like drugs. You felt the lactic acid building up towards the end with the Garmin 910XT beeping non-stop asking you to "SPEED UP".  It is like a dog chasing you and you are running for your life - but that was the fastest you can manage and outran the dog.
I am happy. Delirious even. Soon, i will be running a 6:30 1-miler. I hope!
*note to self. The above was achieved after a 4.5km walk/run with the family an hour before and i even managed to squeeze in a 2km barefoot run, after the 1-mile effort. :) a 8.0 7.94km Saturday!
"Sound Like Fun" - ShitTriathleteSays according to Ezan ;-)


  1. congrats!!!

    what was your %HRmax?

  2. Anon - my age, that is...220-36=184.

    I gave 101%. :) Corny, i know ;-)