Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Fast 5 Miles

Was feeling a stressed yesterday and decided to do a 5 miles run.
Home - TV3 Bandar Utama - BU1 - Centrepoint - Damansara Toll road - Damansara Utama (x2 loops).
Managed a good 5.24 miles in 46.56 (that's 8.39km)
Did my fastest 1km in 4.37mins. Failed to improve on my 1 mile timing by a mere 2 seconds (PB is 8.14).
Traffic was heavy and road was filled with smog. Mistakes for running in the late evening when the after office traffic was jamming up the road. If there is any consolation, i was moving faster than most cars.
Last week, i did a cool 50km over 3 days when i was in PD. I can accurately tell you for a fact that running from Glory Beach Hotel to PD Refinery's traffic light and back is a cool 12km one way...

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