Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I've Changed My MyKad.

Last Saturday me and wifey went to JPN to collect Nadia's MyKid. It is always a joy to recieve such item as it marks the person to be a citizen of Malaysia. Lets face it, being a second class citizen in Malaysia is waaayyy better than being a PR anywhere else in the world where you aren't even second class or third class or any class to begin with.

No doubt that the other countries might have "greener grass" or "golden rain" but it isn't just the same. SOme that has migrated only sing good song for those that is still in their home country because they do not want to be seen as "making the wrong decision". Other says that it's the free education offered for their kids.

Hello! Free education? So is Malaysia what!

Did i just hear about Malaysia's BAD education system?

Come on, they are just as bad...to start with, they address everyone by their name, even their teachers. Try that in Malaysia and you will get a big frown.

How about Indisipline amongst Malaysia's student?

Are you kidding me? OK. No doubt that some of the students at this age and time has totally unacceptable attitude, bordering towards overacting such as seen on some of those MTV shows such as "My Sweet 16" and such.

Like it or hate it, the truth is the kids are only as influenced in their life as who their friends are. Peer pressure.

I don't see any issues with me and my friends growing up. Neither did wifey. But i did remember and share the same worries as my parents when i was growing up. Those session where your parents pretend to get to know your friends parents are nothing but BACKGROUND CHECK.

Basically they were driven by the idiom "bagai kuih dengan acuan" or how the kids reflects the parents.

Malaysia is a beautiful country. Only tainted by those animals and actors/actresses in politics. Be it the BN or PR government, promises are never kept and they are all more concerned about what car they are going to drive.

Or what house they are going to stay.

Or what food they are gonna have for the next meeting.

Or even how to scam parents with those grammatically and tatabahasa wrong workbook.

"Good for your kids to prepare them for the exams", so they say.

Yeap. Garbage in. Garbage Out.

Pardon me for my indifferent tone today, but something irritated me this morning and it's not my kids or anyone at home, or at work.

Nevermind that no one talks to me when i'm deep in thoughts at work (WOW! Is that because i am BLOGGGING????? :P) or how suddenly colleauges would line up to ask me questions. I feel honoured, really.

But today is just different.

No, it's not because of the rumors that someone that was supposedly been sodomized wasn't sodomized to start with, nor am i irritated with that second generation of stupid menteri besars that justify their action based on how low their brain were placed on their lower torsos.

But one thing never failed to make me smile until today.

The JPN in Maju Junction was one of the most corteous group of civil servant i've encountered so far. Not only did they smile, they crack jokes, and the best i've gotten from them so far was when i had to take my pic when i went to change my home address from Ulu Kelang to Petaling Jaya. It goes like this:

Me: Bang, boleh senyum ke? (Bro, can i smile?)
Man: Boleh. Tapi tak boleh posing maut jer. (Can, but please don't overly pose)
Me: :)
Man: OK, ready?
Me: *Giving my best smile.*
Man: Bang, jangan senyum lebar sangat, tak nampak mata. (Bro, pls don't smile too wide, can't see your eyes)

Bugger, at that point, i burst out laughing and wifey thought i was crazy.

Me on the other hand, can't help but to smile everytime i recall that incident. I've changed my MyKad, but i am still very much a Malaysian, at heart and in my soul.

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