Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Airwolf versus Firefox - Wolf and Dog fight?

I was having a debate with a couple of friends over elephant, hyenas, cows, pigs and somehow, the whole line of argument moves to one Chinese MiG and one Pakistan MiG flanking and attacking 2 F-15 tomcats.

And to equate some of us to fast moving plane would be an utmost insult to the planes.

But somehow i brought up the word SUNBURST and immediately it reminded me of Airwolf.

I love Airwolf.

Hawk is definately more macho than Maverick.

But anyhow, i found this clip in youtube(where else?) and the person that edited this video definately did a great job! Check out the air battle between Airwolf and Firefox aka MiG-31.

Who won in the end?

Who would had guessed who actually won????

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