Monday, July 14, 2008

Century Ride Ipoh 2008 : 160km On The Dot

First of all, tabik spring to Ipoh Roadrunner for finding an exactly 160km route On.The.Dot for us to ride yesterday. My GPS that was set to track recorded nothing less or more than 160km. Unbelieveable.

See below left hand corner

I finished my ride pretty much the same as the race official timing. My meter says i rode for 6:14, i guess the extra was the food stop and refueling which we did (both official and unofficial).

We reached the starting point late. By the time we kitted up, the horn went off and the late comers were scrambling to the starting check point. Most of us forgot the meters, food, water etc etc.

THe initial wish to cycle in the peloton was squashed when CK and gnang went blasting through and followed the letua peloton.

I styaed on with TZ and Shazly. It was later joined by Azmar and Laif. We managed to catch Kam and Ishsal along the way after the first check point. All of them were bloody fast. Perhaps i was just slow.

The ride was enjoyable. Enough hills to climb and enough flats to roll.

Those sharp spikes are climbs, measured in feet. Yellow lines with dots are the tracks

If you are wondering why the first 40km was easy that was because it was on a gentle descent. And as usual, what goes down, must come up. So, give yourself a pat on the back for climbing back to Klebang on a gradual ascent.

Some of the climbs were great. You could tell from the riders who are the experienced rider and who aren't. All the hills were rideable. There wasn't any need to come down and push. Just play with the gears and approach the climb intelligently. Let momentum help you. Spin. Shift. And before you know it, you are over the hill and enjoying the downhill there after.

One of the bigger climb, some equates it to LISRAM highway at the start of IronMan. But i say it's slightly harder as the descent to gain speed was really short

My tire had a small leak and i had to resort to borrow one tube and pump from a fellow rider (thank you! You know who you are, well, if you ever come into this blog) and that cost me to miss the Shazly's Express. Elaine Boey was fast enough to grab hold of the train and managed to cruise with the rest of the Shaz's train. Well done! She will be doing her IM next year.

I rode myself after KM100. The final 60km wasn't really fun with strong headwind, but i figure out that i would need to keep the cadence and power up. Lack of food and without any sleep the morning before (we mobilized at 2.30am, reached Ipoh at 7am, that is after picking up everyone and settling all the logistic needs).

However, it is also sad to see some riders resorting to dirty tactics, like hanging onto their support cars while going up the hill (dangerous wei, as that would meant the support car needs to be going at a reasonable speed, and not block the road for riders trying to get over the hills) and there was one support car that dilligently pick up the riders, drop them before the check point and pick them up again after the check point. No wonder these chaps hardly break any sweat...or has any dirt accumulated on their face and exposed skin. Shame on you!

Prove that we were honestly enjoying ourselves

Well done to all that raced an honest race. You outdid yourself. This Century Ride route is definately a great training route for IM. Having enough flats and climbs that won't break your heart and keeps you wishing for more. To all the winners, well done, to all the finishers, well done to you too, especially those that could now tell the world they just did their longest distance of riding in a single day!

I super enjoyed the race because it was the last outing i am going with the steel reliable Colnago. I believe she has seen better days and i've decided to retire her. let her rest. 12 years in a bike's age is a very long time. Nevertheless, i believe she has served the previous owner and me wonderfully. I can't deny that. So, those that laughed and sniggered at her, eat your heart out, for you did not have enough guts to ride her and are filled with apprehensive decision if she could last any ride. Perhaps, you should be looking at yourself first. :) Sorry if i sounded arrogant, but i'm just giving a standing ovation to the steel beast. :)

With yesterday's ride, some of us can truly says that IronMan 2009 training has officially started. One IM told me it was his most enjoyable ride in 5 months. One more is currently on a fruits and vegetable diet. As for me, i rewarded myself with the official sponsored food - nothing short of Big Mac McValue Set for lunch!

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