Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Beautiful Princess

It's such joy to be seeing her when i get home. She will either be sucking on her mother, or sleeping in her cot.

Nadia is settling in pretty well. She feeds about 3 times (about because sometimes, it's 4 times, and at tiems, the whole night, but for record purpose, lets keep it to 3 times) every night; at 12, 3 and 6.

She has put on more than 1 kg since her birth and has started to grow taller. Her hair is still dangerously a lot, which is good. But me and wifey suspect it might drop off in a few weeks or months.

She will be taking her first outstation trip to Desaru come 15th August. I hope to be able to run with her and Ryan to the finish line in record time.

It seems that since i've taken my racing slightly more serious, i've been realising my own limits and been working to break them (ok, pain management is one of them).

I am still hoping to be able to find time and settle into the Ordu (which i've since branded as POSSESSED and EVIL) and trying to clock good cycling timing.

My blister is slowly healing. It went from a blister to septic to healing to septic again and now i hope it stays that way. I've been pinching Ryan's medication for his rashes (antibiotic cream) to hasten the healing process.

I am dying to Bike and Run. (Not swimming, because far la...lazy)

Whatever it is, come Desaru, it would be all in the family day out!

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