Wednesday, July 02, 2008

2 x 4.5km workout

"See you 5.30" - Shazly's sms went

"so late? 5.00 la" - i replied.

"5.15" - he compromised.

He has a session with AJ at 6.30am and the key word for this morning run was "run as fast as we can"

However, we only managed to catch up at 5.30am...Shazly has since ditched his minibus and rode a motorbike to work.

We decided to do a short 5km loop. By then, it should give him enough time to prepare for his first client for the day.

First loop - 4.3km - 25.02

Route was MANU Life - Bukit Damansara - MANU Life.

it was a rahter slow session as Shazly was playing with his new toy. Garmin Forerunner. Lucky bugger.

We bumped into Bernard Chandran (Dato', and hereby, since he does join our weekly ride, he has been code named DBC) with his trainer at about the same time. DBC also ride a motorbike to Gym. I would had imagine someone like him to be drivng some posh car...or being driven to the gym...kudos to him. DBC, Trainer and anohter pair of Trainer-trainee was doing the 5km loop as well...

the Nike+ showed i've covered only 4.5km at best...meaning the 5k is elusive 5km la...

Dumped Shazly at FF MANU Life and proceed on my second 4.5k loop. Since the first was an easy stroll, i decided to push the second loop. Target is to complete at least 2 to 3 minutes faster.

Second loop : 4.57km in 24.44

Technically, i was faster (Average pace 5:48 vs 5:24 min/km). Should be alright, considering the undulating road that is around Bukit Damansara area.

This Weekend is Kenyir Tri.

I've not done Kenyir tri in my life. But this time, i get to do it as i am sponsored to race it. So, logistics and other items are pretty much taken cared off. Thank you Tune Money!

On a separate, but almost relevant topic...wifey commented yesterday:

"who is this fella? so fat one?"

She was looking at this pic below


She wasn't refering to Upiq, but the guy on the immediate right of the picture.

Now, anyone that take a pic with DBC inside will look fat. This DBC is a lean mean machine! Tummy? What tummy? Check out those delts (ok, i'm begining to sound gay). Anyway, DBC will take part in his first Tri race in Kenyir!

With a forlorn look...i told wifey that the person with those "folded fats" is non other than her husband.

That was an indication that i've put on weight.

Which explained the 2x4.5km loop this morning.

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