Friday, July 18, 2008

Dream Is Back. Speed Weapon Commissioned.

After almost 5 months, the Dream is finally out of the box. Some metal bolts were rusted and some fungus grew on parts where the isotonic drink spilled back during IM.

Gave her a good wash and oiled her back. Removed the aerobar and will return it to Azwar Pipot (Thank You Bro!) this Sunday during PD tri.

THe bike never looke dmore beautiful. The IronMan sticker on the top tube and the Race number tag is still on the cable tie.

Now, i got a dedicated Road Bike, and it's a Dream.

And now, let me unveil the new addition to the family. The Orbea Ordu.

I transfered all the parts from my Steel Colnago to this bike to keep the cost down. I was a bit hesitant to strip the parts on Dream and put it on the Ordu. Reason being the Dream is Italian (almost 100%) and i hate to do (inbreeding) injustice by stripping her and putting in the Japanese parts.

The Spain made Ordu looked daunting enough, as per my last blog entry.

But it was blessed by Nadia yesterday.

And just now, Ryan helped me with pumping and oiling of this Speed Weapon.

What more could i ask for (and for disrespecting the machine, Ryan recieved the wrath of the machine when it tumbles on him)and with Wifey's blessing, that is way better than bringing the Ordu to a temple or church for prayer or baptism.

I took the Ordu for a spin to office. I never felt more aero than now. It is not as sleek as the 2008 Ordu with even aero tube head. But it's my first TT bike.

I'm pretty excited and do not know what to expect. I have a feeling i will "appear" fast. But i seriously doubt my bike timing will improve any better than what i've done in PD before. (Last year bike was done in 1:06 and my total time was 2:40 - on the steel Colnago!) Furthermore, i trained so much last year in anticipation for IM08.

With the blister still not healing (now it seems and sounded like some broken record), i'm not sure if i could even do the 10km run in 50mins, but i promise i will try. I will definately bust the lungs again!

Oh ya, before i sign off, apparently, someone which done IronMan Langkawi twice (and finish) was saying that me and someone else were cocky and talking loud and big just because we finish our IM once. Infact, when me and Shazly asked if he did IM, he says NO. So, we told him " must join once! It's do-able!". He told us he has no time to train and we did tell him that "it's just an excuse".

Hey, sorry if i sounded arrogant and cocky, but if you were to tell me you finished IM twice, me and Shazly WILL drop to our knees and pray to you!

Whatever it is, i know my ass will be watched this Sunday by that person.

More reason to push myself! See ya all in PD!

Post note : Wifey say if i don't do well in PD, it's a complete waste of money to spend on that bike, and downright shameful!

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