Friday, July 25, 2008

Nike Zoom Victory+ : Test Ride - ALMOST.

Call me an idiot. Despite still having to recover from blisters i had, i wore the shoes and wanted to go for a run.

3 steps later, the pain is just too much, my blisters now look like a mini volcano, there is a hole in the middle, that looks like sore (bisul) and the area surrounding the hole is inflamed and raised...

Moreover, i do not want to stain this new ride with blood/pus from both the achilles.

This review will be based on first feel of the shoe, especially the quality and the new technology that went into this (can i say baseline?) model.

First impression of the shoe was awesome. Check out the studio pic.

Impressive? Almost out of this world type of construction isn't it? The surface are clean without any of those usual construction lines/panels.

See how the Vomero looked more cluttered compared the Victory?

Zoom Victory originated from the Olympic version of the Zoom Victory Spike.

Cool eh?

So, essentially, you can say it's like how some tyres manufacturer says that "all the technology we put into our F1 tyres are developed for you, our consumers"...or how one oil company says and claim that "the petrol you put into your car, are used in our F1 cars".

In this same essence, Nike is doing that. Minimalistic and giving you more bang for your money.

OK, before i start sounding like i am doing Nike a favour by promoting their product, lets be more critical with this Zoom Victory.

Now, to start with, Zoom Victory+ is Nike+ (as in Nike PLUS) enable. Meaning, there is a slot to put in the accelometer into the left shoe to communicate with either the iPod Nano or the just launched SportsBand. Coincidentally, i also found out that you might not need a Nike shoe to make full use of the SportsKit (basically the accelometer transmitter and the reciever to Nano) as all you need are those key pouch and a hard backing (why hard backing? Well, because the accelometer is useless unless the transmitter unit knocks onto something hard/solid; which explains why the insertion part in the Nike+ shoe are encased in plastic. I now could very much use this with any shoes, even sandals.

The Victory+ looked consistently same with the Studio Pic

This Victory Zoom+ is a light shoe by my standard. The lightest i've ever wore is the Pearl Izumi which comes in at 280grams odd. That is already light. Victory+ is a cool 6 ounces a side (that is roughly about 170grams), which makes it about 340gram per pair. That is still light comparitavely. I personally don't feel any weight differences compared to the Pearl.

I am not sure if i could classify the Victory+ as seamless as well, but from what i see inside the shoe, it appears to be so. The FlyWire Technology that was put into this shoe very much allows the shoe to be build seamless.

What is FlyWire? Well, it is Nike's term to denotes the usage of thin wires to give the shoe structure and also support for the user's feet. The matrix on how the FlyWire are arranged pretty much gives the runner the support he or she needs.

Close Up of the wires

Now, WHY FlyWire? Well, with this technology, the shoe could be built strong and LIGHT. I don't think any of you would had thought that this shoe is that light, for a trainer at that! Most trainers are bordering on the 400grams/pair side of things.

Incorporating FlyWire also allows Nike to test out new material. Sheer enough to allow ventilation and strong enough to provide support. It could only gets better.

You can see in the immediate picture above and below this sentence that there is differences in the material density.

Forefoot area

With the seamless design and highly breathable material, one could almost be promised of a cool ride ahead, and potentially a quick drying shoe (some of us like to drench ourselves silly during those run add to the drama mah)

But all these did not answer if this shoe is indeed God-send.

Oh well, like they say, the proof of the pudding is in the tasting. I did not fully devour the pudding as yet, but i did taste it to a certain extend. I only have a few grouses.

1. Not enough reflective material.
I love the blings on my shoes, and clearly this has been missing with Victory+

Only one tiny looking reflective material. OKla, given that this shoe is uber striking but that is only in daylight. At night time striking color don't reflect. Maybe Nike should consider making those striking parts...glow in the dark???

2. The shoe tongue is too thin.
Sad but true. When i slip the shoe in, the bottom side of the shoe tongue folded inside and i could see the sock/flesh color of my skin (depending if socks were worn).

The shoe might be seamless (or almost), but having a shoe tongue that folds at the bottom near your toes will only cause unwanted pressure point and possible blisters. Ouch.

3. The sole is too hard.
There is only sufficient cushioning, but it is not the main point of this shoe. Even when standing and bouncing up and down (like how Malaysian test car la, open and slam close the door to hear for that solid "thud" sound) i could feel the sole of my feet having to absorb more impact that it was usually used to. Also, the socks liner was relatively simple, what used to be double layer of dual density material was replaced with an almost basic liner... :(

But then again,With regards to the cushioning, this might be biased as I might be so pampered with shoes with adequate cushioning, or more.

I would definately need to take this baby for a run, perhaps even longer than just 10km to justify it's performance. One/first look, it doesn't seems (or want) to dissapoint the user.

Oh ya, as i was trying to check how well the shoe could ventilate, i deployed my usual light test.

And i tell you, Victory+ gives the best hues!



The white light that i shone was from my phone camera and it gave out an amazingly beautiful blue hue, well, unless you can device a way to put lights on your legs AND wear the shoe at the same time, then you can take away grouse number 1 above.

If you are looking to get your next pair of trainer and are considering this Victory+ as one of your purchases, wait up. I will write a separate entry on how this shoe perform on my unblistered feet. Frankly, i was tempted to run with it yesterday midnight, but decided that i do not want to dirty the shoe with blood and pus...that will leave me BLUE (with less than striking Green to show on the shoe anymore!)

Speaking of Blue, these are a few items I have from Nike in my collection that is Blue. Sorry ah, camera a bit spastic yesterday, picture quality did not do justice to the merchandise. Like i said in the earlier posting...Blue is this season color for Nike!

Thank you Nike for giving me a chance to test drive this Victory+!

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