Thursday, July 17, 2008

Of Speed Weapon, Blister and PD Tri

I've taken delivery of the new bike.

Apart from the seat unable to tilt down and the internal routing for the rear brake is defunct, the bike seems/promised to be a good ride. Definately a lot of kilograms lighter than my old steel and a few kilograms lighter than the Dream.

The machine looked daunting. Almost unforgiving. Untameable.

My blister doesn't seems to be healing. Since Kenyir, the blister has since turned into a hole and i believe it is infected. I have some boil-like acne behind my head and my nodal gland is inflamed. I've been wearing slipper to work and my boss is just stopping short of asking me why. I had 3 plaster on each heel during the Century Ride and it did not help.

The blisters looked daunting. Almost unforgiving. Untameable. Too.

PD tri is this weekend. I've decided to only go down on race morning. Will leave early at about 4.30am and reach PD by 6am. That would give me enough time to prep and contemplate if i should aim for my personal best. Maybe i will just aim to finish the race. New goggles. New bike. New injury. I'm already starting to give excuse not to do well. But i have so much fire in me to do better. This is not one of those episode where i ponder about my mental prepareness. But this is all about gear and physical limitation. I'm mentally prepared. I've imagined to cross the line in 2:30. Or less.

But at this point, the race looked daunting. Almost unforgiving. Untameable.

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