Friday, July 04, 2008

Kenyir Tri 2008 - Finally

In all my years of racing, i've not raced in 2 tri race before.

Miri and Kenyir.

Logistic was the main reason as it would be expensive to drive up/fly over to compete in the race.

This year, with support from Tune Money, things was made possible.

I missed the opportunity to race in Miri as wifey was due then.

And so, this weekend, i finally get to race Kenyir.

I remember last year i had an entry about Kenyir and the vicious Toman or Snakehead fish. Now, it is time to scare myself.

Wish me luck for this weekend race. With minimal training - no swim or bike training and only short run here and there, i will be happy to be able to finish the race within 3:30.

Putting on the pressure would be the fact that now, me and a few others are being sponsored by Tune Money and will be racing in their color.

More pics of those speed weapons (as how Arif would put it) after the race. But meanwhile, feast your eyes on these items which were part of the whole sponsorship program.

Giro Advantage II

2XU Run Visor

Oakley Radar

2XU Comp Tri Singlet

Pearl Izumi Streak

Zoot Z-Pack

We should be getting the race shorts and possibly the race goggles as well.

I am still pinching myself over this stroke of good luck.

List of Tune Athelte:
1. Tengku Zafrul
2. Shazly
3. Adzim
4. Azmar
5. Mervin
6. Stupe

Someone please pinch me!

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