Monday, July 28, 2008

Joan Benoit - Woman Marathon Champ 1984

Before you say Joan who, let me assure you she is no Widow to that late wrestler.

Joan Benoit was a olympic marathon champ. Read about her here : Joan Benoit

She is one of the athelete that Nike featured on one of their bag (for ladies).

And why am i writing about this? Well, because this iconic bag carries the WORLD!

Imagine, Ryan's item and Nadia's item all into this huge bag. And i know how women would react to a bag that could carry everything short of the car and the house they drive and live in.

Wifey happily declare that she got everything the kids every need PLUS a bottle of 1.5liter bottle inside for me and her to quench out thirst.

Yes, the Lims are coming to you in Desaru! Don't fret because we come equiped this time with 2 kids and one Evil Bike!

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