Monday, April 16, 2012

Another Best 1-Mile Timed Effort

From 8:14 to 8:25.9 1-mile run that i recorded twice before. I made another attempt to see just how the my current weight, training, mid/forefoot running and having trained at 90% effort will help me to get a much better 1-mile effort.
Fresh from Saturday 7.5km easy pace with wifey as we were tapering for Bali Marathon. Ensuring that i have discipline NOT to run faster than i should, i maintained an easy 70% effort throughout the 7.5km. Average pace was locked to 6:30 thereabout and it was easy to go 5:30 or 5:00pace even without touching 80% effort.
Back to my 1-mile effort before i start talking about other things. ;-)
So, fresh from the 7.5km run and running on glycogen deficit as there was no food intake prior, feeling really good and had the urge to speed, i reset the Polar RS300x and went for it. I ran around the same route as the 8.25.9 i did on Feb 28. Being more in-tune with my strides and landing and consciously knowing that I have to push, i maintained a decent 4:46 average throughout.
As you can see from the HRM above, i did push. The average HR was 164bpm or 89%, which was higher than the previous effort of 158bpm or 85%. those additional 4% for the 1-mile translate to a lot of threshold that the body must maintain and take.
I knew i ran a good 1-mile, but i did not know the timing until i reviewed the HRM again. Happy to say, i am damn happy with it.
I went from 8:25.9 to 7:39.5! 
How is that for a full 44 seconds faster?
And it was a feel good feeling as the HR dropped back to 120bpm within a minute of cool down jog. Those 90% workout that i have been doing is working. I am slowly reaping the benefit!
I know i could run faster if not because i had to stop for the car that darted out of the junction without stopping. Malaysians must realise that driving more than 25km/h in a housing area is already dangerous!
With that, i shall again, attempt this 1-mile effort within the next 6 weeks. It will serve as a good "progress report"on my own fitness level, very much like how the RS300x with it's build in Fitness Test scored me to be at "Elite" level. I scored a VO2max of 65. Interesting!


  1. Love this little article, as a coach I knew before reading your profile that you were an engineer! It's all about the numbers with you guys!!

    Good work though and keep up the good work.

  2. TriGuruUK - I am so not worthy! :D Thanks for dropping by my humble blog! Will aim for a sub 7:30 1-miler soon.

  3. u memang elite, bro. hehe.

    p/s- one of my word verifications is 'elitu' i kid u not. hahaha. it's a sign lah.

  4. Izhar - heheh. it's a sign you be Elitu soon! thanks for the love bro!