Tuesday, April 03, 2012

The Perils Of Budget Airline Again

I seldom check in luggage unless i travel more than 3 nights. Usually, a hand luggage would work just fine with the required basic comfort kit when away from home. Somehow, i hate waiting for the luggage, or hauling them from one end (car) to the other end (check in). More so, with budget airline, the check in counter and baggage check in is two separate exercise, which essentially meant you will need to get to the airport earlier or risk missing the window (and possibly buying a new ticket). While many has benefited from budget airlines bridging the world closer, lets not forget the problem it brings too. Rude passengers, moody airport staffs, strict check-in, extra charges, hidden charges, separated seating despite checking in together with family.
These alone are hindrance enough NOT to add more stress by checking in the luggage. But when we have to bring more to accommodate the time away from home, we are left with little choices. And with that little choices (and we paid by the kilogram) to check in the luggage, we can only hope that it won't get misplaced, or get treated like the video below.
Seriously, label that the bags are "fragile" has very little impact for these workers. While i understand the stress to load and unload fast (as the above airline has a 30-minutes-turnaround-policy), it would make more sense to use a conveyor system than to risk damage or worse, injury to the workers loading and unloading. Often, i have seen how they manage even more fragile goods such as sporting equipments like bicycles (as i travel for races) and while we take extra care even fitting in our boxed bikes into our car, these worker will just pile them up like scrap metals and drop them like they don't care.Can be an expensive lesson resulting in a Did Not Start (DNS). So, next time you check in your luggage, keep your finger crossed that your items, especially the toiletries, will not get broken and wet all the contents inside. When in doubt, always double bag your items - or live to regret it. Now Everyone Needs To Double Bag.

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