Thursday, April 26, 2012

Green Pea Soup With Whole Real Food

This is a good recovery food after the Bali Marathon. As We are now refuelling and reparing the damage done from last Sunday's run, it make sense to continue eating properly to fuel for the coming Borneo Marathon on May 6, 2012.
I previously wrote about making greenpea soup as an alternative to healthy eating. While the previous one uses a can of processed mushroom soup, which essentially load on the sodium and "processed" food factor, wifey devised a recipe that completely take away the need for that additional can of soup.
Time to phase them out, if you haven't.
Much has change from January 2012 where we were "on our way" to eating clean. A few months down the road, we totally eliminated most, if not all canned food in the storage. What is left is the Tuna, which we will try to find alternative in the near future.
Here is the recipe for a WHOLESOME Green Pea Soup (serves FOUR)
1. One onion
2. a few clove of garlic
3. 250grams of green peas
4. Some salt for taste (we uses seasalt - read here to know what your body need)
5. Warm/cooked water (between 2 to 4 cups)
6. Some leftover potatoes from making broth for the kids (we use everything we can find in the kitchen, so this can be optional if you don't have any potatoes that is already soft/cooked).
1. add in a little olive oil into a pot and fry the onion and garlic under very low heat. Olive oil is not meant to be exposed to high heat. take note of that.
2. Fry the mixture until the onion turns translucent. Overfrying it will make your soup bitter due to the caramelization of the onion.
3. add in 250grams or half a bag of green peas. They are usually sold as 500grams. Don't need to worry to defrost them.
4. Add in about 2 cups of water and let the whole mixture to boil.
Yummeh already!
5. Let the mixture cool (about 20minutes). While waiting for that, take the food processor out, or hand food processor or, if you are old school like me, the trusty old blender out.
6. Scoop the mixture into the blender and let it blend/mix/cut the mixture up for a minute or two. Aim for smooth consistency. If you did not get a smooth flowing consistency, add a bit more water, slowly and run the blender again.
Too thick, add water and blend somemore
7. Once you get the nice flowing consistency, dish it out on a plate and serve while it is still warm. You can have it cold (kept in fridge) or you can just heat it up in a pot (simmer) before serving.
Added some cream on top for show ;-)
Per serving will give you roughly only 100kcal with energy coming mostly from the peas. It has a good balance of almost 1 part of protein to 4 parts of carbohydrate that is essential to fuel for recovery or a long run.
Nutritional content. Love to see the monounsaturated fat up to 3grams/serving.
401kcal for 4 serving. Works out to be 100kcal/serving. Getting good at all these kcal reading even without refering to the apps!
So you see, eating healthy is NOT difficult. You just need to be a bit more creative and use more real food. Our parents and their parent's parent never did have the luxury, or invention of processed food, but yet, they could whip up good healthy home cooked food. Think about it and happy eating!


  1. Great way to get the kid to eat vegetable.

    I do the same way for broccoli soup, just boil it with some garlic. Gordon Ramsey's quick recipe.

    Then blend.

    I will experiment your recipe, but add coconut cream. :)

  2. Khoo - fantastic idea. Coconut cream (santan) make sure those fresh that you squeeze yourself. Don't go buy those at supermarket that is packed. You read the ingredient, they all have hydrgogenated fat and preservative. Or you can go find grated coconut in supermarkt and squeeze.