Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mensa Malaysia AGM April 21, 2012

I am no Mensa Member, or qualify as one. Perhaps i am too lazy to take any of these qualifying test that will verify if i am in the top 2% of the world population (rub ego). For me, if you are smart and intelligent, you don't need any test to confirm that - or a horn to blow to prove it. It is like how some of these non-medical doctors loves to put their Ph.D title in front and at the back of their name. Or how some company print their staff's academic qualification next to their name in the name card.
So, what brings me here? Recently, a friend, which is a Mensan (that is what they call themselves) found himself locked out from the society because he was a bit too vocal with some issue in the Mensan society. But when they start filtering out, deleting and refusing to cite reasons for not renewing his membership so he can be a member to vote in the coming AGM, i feel a bit of injustice - and stupidity is being done by these smart alecs.
Rule #1 in social media - do not delete any posting in a community if you are admin. 
Obviously these smart people forgot about it - perhaps being too caught up in their intellectual discussion that these deletion will only invite trolls. (opps!)
Here are the plight of the "victim", where the "injustice" was done. His/her record in italic below.

If you are interested to read, here is the link

Background Info:

For the 1st time, Msian Mensa AGM will see an election based on 'team list' - I reject in totality such a concept as it shows
that the candidate's contribution to MM is based on which team gets elected.....

It shows the selfishness of each of the candidates in the team list, that they are unwilling to work for the benefit of the
society if the rest of their team members do not get elected....

I urge MM members to REJECT such team concept & vote for the best candidates.. Your vote is your right.

Food for thought: why would a past chairman who is also a candidate in this election run says that a vote for him is a vote  for "Check and Balance"..... hmmmmm.....

I started posting on to Malaysian Mensa's wall on Monday 26th March 2012.

Apparently, the administrator there: Azrai (who is the current Malaysian MENSA chairman) didn't quite had a liking towards my

comments on the wall & had modified the page to exclude wall posting by others. I was "LOCKED OUT" on a certain thread which

I found to my utter dismay has disappeared from my timeline.

Funny thing was, everyone else can access the said thread except me...

I have been working around this limitation & found a way to access again on Wednesday, which I have posted further my

thoughts on the said matter.

Indeed, as I expected, he (Azrai) had removed all my postings, both past & present from the MM page arbitrarily.

I have since then reported this matter to Facebook citing my privilege to "fair comment"

"Fair comment" is defined in United States of America (where Facebook is based) as a "common law defense [that] guarantees the freedom of the press to express statements on matters of public interest, as long as the statements are not made with ill will, spite, or with the intent to harm.

I believe what I had posted falls under 'matters of public interest'.

Below is the replication of what I have posted on the MM's wall for my own records.

1st post on Monday at 22:30 -

* My membership was not renewed although I 'm on the auto-renewal instruction. Just recently, the Admin has advised that it was rejected due to reasons unknown. Now I have to re-submit again.

If they bar me from voting, I shall report this to the ROS.

Subsequent postings:

* Let it be on record that this is the 2nd time such screw-ups has happened to me & I'm as pissed off as I can be...

* For the 1st time, Msian Mensa AGM will see an election based on a 'team list' - I reject in totality such a concept as it
shows that the candidate's contribution to MM is based on which team gets elected.....

It shows the selfishness of each of the candidates in the team list, that they are unwilling to work for the benefit of the
society if the rest of their team members do not get elected....

I urge MM members to REJECT such team concept & vote for the best candidates.. Your vote is your right.

* >run out of voting papers
simple, just photocopy the ballot papers, how many do you want?
they are not serial numbered, so you can just photocopy it.
as for the envelope, use any envelope, just write your name, membership nos & address on it.... they can't stop you.

Imagine, the ballot papers are not a controlled item.

* Q: How safe are your ballot paper that are sent to P.O. Box 11161?
A: Over the years, many people HAD accessed to it, many duplicated keys would have been made & kept by many people.... that's

how safe your ballot is...

Your envelopes can be intercepted & opened with the ballot papers switched & no one is the wiser.... hah, come voting day,

they are only checking the details of the envelopes...

They are not concerned with whether the ballot papers itself are genuinely issued or not....

* Looks like Malaysian MENSA itself needs to be BERSIHKAN.

* Was there a SOP in the event of cards rejected & what's the turnaround time for such actions? What's the follow-up remedial  solutions?

* Something tells me that the whole election procedure thingy was rushed thru without proper auditing & thought as to the integrity of the process. This is purely slipshod work.

* There are plenty examples of how an AGM is held in the Msian corporate world context.

* so it's at most 3weeks... plenty of time b4 the AGM...

(At this point in time, Azrai modified the FB page's settings to lock me out this thread & removed it from my timeline.)

* I'm quite disappointed. Censorship is rather lame, a cheapshot. I do keep pdf copies you know....

* Records which can hold up in the court of law.....

* I am talking about the thread where you yourself had replied on to me, that have now disappeared as it was deleted.

* Ok... looks like now (at 1146hrs) it has been fiddled to disable poster's ability to post.... hmmm.....

* A 'Police State' has occured within Malaysian Mensa whereby it's members are now effectively denied from posting on the FB's wall.

Perhaps now, Heah can step in......

(Thread now is missing from my timeline, but appears in everybody else including public... meaning that I was blocked from seeing my own thread)

* This thread has been missing from my timeline, so I couldn't post anything since Tues. Funny as this thread appears in
everybody's elses timeline. Maybe I got 'locked-out' from it... Never mind, I have now found another way to access & post.

* Ever since I got my ballot paper, which came along with the candidates election statements, I have been messaging those who  I can find on FB... The replies I get ranges from outright 'curt' comments to a good part of the nite engagement...

* One candidate mentioned that it was to be an even level playing field, no one was supposed to campaign on MM.
But a team's manifesto was included there & did you noticed the subtle NLP programming at the bottom of each of the 6 pages?

* One wonders why the current Chairman needs to contest for the vice-chairman's post instead of taking up the "immediate past  chairman' post like all other chairman before this?

* One can still contribute as much thru the IPC's post....

* An election is for the members to choose the best one in his/her own opinion to make up a team of diverse strength to lead the society over the next coming year. That choice is rightfully in the hands of the members.

Here, we have a team whose telling you - this is the best team, our contribution is based on the synergy that can only be fulfilled by this team, choosing any one outside this team would result in less than par contribution & efforts....

* A candidate offers his/her services to be in a team that is to be selected by it's members, that will be formed after
voting among the successful candidates, not the other way round.

* Any candidate who offers his/her services based on who they can work with, should by right stand down.

* In case anyone says I am biased in any way, let me state clearly that I do not know any of the candidate in person, no
candidate has ever met me. I just another member lurking in the dark, but the inequality of this election burns me up and I  want my say on the matter.

* Someone msg me to say that it's their right to form a team...

My say is: Yes, but NOT on official channels like TripleM, or having campaign msg attached to the ballot papers.

(After this last post of mine, Azrai has deleted all my post, both past and present from the MM page. Currently, I am able to  view back this thread on my timeline, but he has dosabled my abilty to post.)

This is the summary copy forming part of my complaint to Facebook.

By the way, here is the original deleted posting in Mensa Malaysia Facebook. I did not see how the person asking for transparency was being rude and why he/she has his conversation and all posting removed. I also failed to see how his/her action has "downgraded" and "crossed" the rules set out by the association. 
My advice to those companies or association using social media as an alternative platform - learn from this. You seriously don't need high IQ to figure this out. The more you censor, the more trolls you invite.
While it is not my "fight", i just find it really hilarious how smart people would want to filter and argue for the sake of argument and also for the sake to prove each other wrong. This is why God only make them the 2%. So we won't have these issues of "self-ego-rubbing just because I have above average IQ".
They serious need some EQ.


  1. May I have an order of Lame Chops, please.....

    Malaysian Mensa AGM, 21st April 2012

  2. i was a member, didn't renew since college time. but i am still certified village idiot. so, what mensa? :)

  3. Khoo - i read that the entrance test result is confidential. I am not sure what is the whole balahooha over the mensa membership. I wasn't smart to begin with, maybe that is why i did not even qualify to take the test lest i end up being the top 2%, from behind.

    A friend, per the comment above, was recently "victimised" by the association. They practice selective posting and started going very viciously at removing people (not renewing membership) and social media posting.

    So, i thought, hey, i can "troll" on this!


    I was told they aren't too happy - but what can i do when people JUST embrace social media like some minister wanting to ban things? ;-)

  4. You have a more exclusive IM membership :)

  5. that one dun need brain power, just need to be average brain power to figure that out.