Thursday, April 05, 2012

Changing Of Voting Address Part 4

I received good news from SPR on March 29, 2012 and i am now officially managed to change my voting address to my desired area.  Took almost 8 months but if this is what is due to you and for you, i say fight for it. It might be ONE vote, you never know that ONE vote will change how things will happen. As Malaysian, we all should take charge and remind those voted who the boss are.
I was communicating with one of the SPR officer that directly emailed me. Provided my Borang A per requested and after two more times of "harassing", she finally realised that i meant business and got my address change done.
I can understand my case might not be the only one. But with that many civil servants in the country, i was expecting faster turnaround time on response. In comparison, an online shop i frequent has about 4 staffs responding to complains and they never fail to respond to me within 48hours - as stated in their KPI. Mind you, this online shop caters to shoppers around the world. How is that for comparison especially when services and money are exchanged in good faith?
Anyway, on email, i am officially a voter in Damansara Utama area. Which is what i wanted for the past year.
So, i was told that the details will be included in the first quarter voter electoral roll. Which is fantastic. As with everything government, always give them up to 5 working days to verify anything. And i did exactly that. So, i went to to check on my status yesterday (April 4, 2012), and guess what?
Yeap, at least now i am a "Verified Voter". I will ensure that the email i received will be printed out should the General Election happens within this year or before the changes to the electoral roll per SPR website is completed. For me, the email is good enough evidence and i shall hold them accountable for that.
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  1. there's no reason for delays like that. after all, the EC just increased their manpower by 100k if i'm not mistaken. patut lagi laju buat kerja la...