Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Recce for Orang Asli Trail Run 2012

Fantastic outing with the volunteers to mark the second part of the trail for the upcoming trail run in the Orang Asli village.
Here are some photos for sharing.
The morning bunch
This is how they live. Basic, but adequate.
Government did try doing something for them. this one is for piped water. But sadly, only signage remain. They harvest rain water for usage.
Parents were hesitant. Until the kids got inside, i think they also try very hard not to jump in. River super cold. NICE!
About 1.5km in. You will meet with a 90degrees climb. Don't worry, it is only 4 person high. :D
The jungle is dense and as natural as it can be. Love this place.
The event is not a race, it is an awareness for the Orang Asli. Stop to enjoy and look around. This is a vine, climbing a tree. Not many born past the 80's has seen them if they never venture out of the comfort of their home.
Or a large rain forest tree. This one is about 3 feet in diameter with huge roots.
Who won't be impressed, when this tree sticks out and up towards the sky
Our guide showed us how to obtain filtered water from bamboo. Dzul tried it.
I did not manage to try it, as i was too caught up taking photo
I always have things for Bamboos...
...And leeches. :)...
...that never gives up...
...i even have a family of 5... i went barefoot running...
However, i do have a write up on how to remove them. Here is how : 
Running barefoot was liberating. Felt
Back to base camp. Children enjoying themselves immensely in the river. It was clear, clean and super cold.
Don't forget your date with Nature come April 28, 2012. For more information, visit my page here:
Registration has been closed (maximum 150people due to space and to provide crowd control), wait up for the update on the race, and possibility of opening up more slots nearer to the race day!


  1. Hi Stupe..

    Good work on the recce.. as usual leeches as today is wet day..

    was at Nuang taking group for Mt KK end of this month and mid may..
    wet climb and got leeches bite..

    anyway have tag to my friends to visit your blog... c u bro

  2. Tony - there is nothing dangerous about them, only messy lah. these creature also just want to survive. :) I had22 leech bites this morning, my legs now still dribbling a bit with blood. :)

    Thanks for the sharing of my blog with your friends. :) Hope some of the posting help!

  3. Hi Stupe,

    I'm one of Tony's Kuras going with him to Mt KK in Mid May and oso will be participating in tis Orang Asli Trail Run 2012.

    Wow... so many leeches... its surely going to add further excitement to the 7 Kuras going for tis run as some of us are super scared of leeches...

    By the way, is the trail run completely in the jungle? and what is the actual distance covered?