Friday, April 06, 2012

Teachers Asked To Reveal Political Affliation

I am sure some of you had read about how some headmaster or more senior school staffs are asked to secretly categorise the teachers under him/her with a "black, grey or white" list. When this happened in mid-March, where it was reported in the newspaper.
From here. But check the consistency by the Minister later in the post.
What prompted me to post this up was because i saw a posting in MalaysiaKini about how "survey" are used to check on teacher's voting status.

I posted something similar and most brushed off the notion that the letter was actually photoshopped. The report is still in Internet cache. I found it here again.

And you know what is the beauty of Internet? You see, it rarely forget, and when some minister that denied it in a press conference suddenly confirm what he denied is true, you know you either have to vote that minister out, or change the government. Enough of hoodwinking by these "elitist" group.
Compare this to the MSM posting above. Never trust a crybaby.

Fast forward two weeks later, i received an email from a friend, whom the sister and her husband are teachers. Here is the link from the email to the directive to the teacher handling data, to fill up the forms.
Unless you are a teacher given that link specifically, you won't be able to find the link.
Here is the link for verification. and what with the 2Malaysia's logo? Is this what our teachers are trained for now?
This is how they are tracking down the teachers - by asking a specific teacher (Guru Data) to fill up the excel form below, and then using all the info obtained, to run the check on to check their voting area and constituency. 
And this is the instruction specific for the Guru Data to obtain all the information needed above.
The above two form can be obtained from the website i stated above. I suggest that you be my witness and go download them to verify that the above ain't made up just to spike the parties involved. There were other instructions too, and that involve the Guru Data to collect the teacher's siblings and verify their voting status the same way. Unfortunately, that portion of email to me was in gibberish due to my friend's inability to move the data to my email.
I have voted three times since turning legal voting age. I recalled that each time i was at the centre, when i present my IC, i have my name crossed out on the master list in pen and a pencil is used to write some numbers on the electoral roll. It did not occur to me until later than the numbers could be used to track or mark you as a voter. So with an eraser come GE13!
Now that you are aware of this like i am, be informed and don't get hoodwinked.

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