Saturday, October 29, 2011

How To Remove Leech Like A Man

Some discussion has been going on in a Facebook group about leeches and how to handle them.
I had some fair share of experiences with these creature that really, by no fault of theirs, are blood sucker.
Here is two video i would like to share on how they behaves. Most of the time, the leeches bite is painless and you hardly know they are there until much later. When they bite, they release a pain killer and anti-coagulant. You won't bleed to death and they blood loss is not significant. 
The biggest I've seen on my ankle. Quite a joy to see it wiggle. Video quality not the best. Taken on Sony Ericsson K610i ;-)

Just like the one above, this one are more ferocious. We let it suck until it dropped off itself.
Many school of thoughts were shared with regards to "avoiding" these creatures. Let me just tell you it is futile. Especially if the area you walked through are infested with them. They are persistent creature and the two above actually got to me and Dr. Amir while we were riding our mountain bike! Go figure!
Leech bite after effect is more irritating that the bite itself. You will itch as it heals. Worry not as they are usually small bite only.
So, how do you remove a leech? Follow these steps.
1. Use your fingernail and place it next to the sucker or place where it attached itself.
2. Slowly but firmly slide your fingernail towards the place they are feeding. You are trying to "scrape" it off your body.
3. Once you have removed it, it will try reattaching itself, quickly flick it away with your other hand or with the same finger that is pushing it.
4. If you have antiseptic ointment, it's perhaps, a good time to apply some. If not, an hour or three later will be fine.
5. Never attempt to burn, salt, "tug" or "pull" the leech away as it will regurgitate back into the wound and might cause more infection.
Here is some good to know facts so that you will be less grossed out with these creature.
A leech will expand up to 10 times when feeding
A single feeding will allow it to live for months
They find you by odor and by sound-vibration
They can drop on you like homing missile from the top, if have to.
No, they can't jump.
Now that you are more informed, you can now Do It Like A Man (but little missy scream in your heart is OK as you learn to scrape them away!)


  1. LoL the title cracks me up.
    Thanks for the tips.
    Will there be a follow-up on "How to remove leeches like a woman"?


  2. Shine - if ur a woman and u removed a leech. Ur worthy to be a man ;) :)


  3. Thanks for the great tips. Can't wait to go try out this new technique ... gonna go pick up a leech in FRIM now hehe

  4. My leech bites rarely bleed profusely. It will stop a minute or two after the leech was removed. SO, what i do is i do the method above and FLICK the bugger off in one movement. :)

  5. Females can nag these blood suckers away, no? ;D

    Me no experience with leeches, but recently read that they can be removed by being tapped on their bodies. No harm trying!

  6. Esky - Tapping? like "hey brudder, time to get off me bro *tap tap*"??

  7. Fiona - :D they are harmless actually.

  8. Yea but geli to watch especially the wiggle part.

  9. Wiggle? yeap...that i have to agree. But after once or twice, no effect already.

  10. Lol. I always thought you need to pee on the leech in order to get it off. My boss just told me that ciggie will do.

    Anyway, please support a charity program that I'm involved ya.

  11. Fiona - will support! :D Nice pencil case!

  12. Thanks EeVan! Yes it's a nice pencil case. Gonna ended up as my makeup case though. Sorry for spamming your leechy post haha