Monday, October 03, 2011

Nike We Run KL 10km : Alternative Registration

I was invited for a media launch on the Nike We Run KL 10km race scheduled to take place on November 27, 2011 last Thursday. I was not able to attend it due to work commitment (and it's not possible to take 1/2 day off if you just been with a company for 20 days - it's not ethical, unless you are getting married or someone passed away).
So, i was requested by Nike Malaysia via their PR company to help to spread the news.
As most of you already know, the registration opened last Friday and I have alerted everyone in my Twitter and Facebook to hurry and go sign up.
I did on Friday, the very first thing right before i placed the reminder above. I managed to get two slots.
less than 72hours later, i was told that the REGISTRATION ONLINE HAS BEEN CLOSED!
This got to be the fastest race that was sold out in Malaysia! (Record is still IM Busselton 2011 where the 1500 slots were taken up in 45mins).
So, if you are one of those that failed to sign up (and be the 10,000 runners), don't despair. I've communicated with the Nike Malaysia's PR and they has confirmed that the registration can still be done at the list of places below; but here is the catch, it's LIMITED. ACT FAST!
If you are in Klang Valley, consider yourself lucky as you can do them at the Nike outlets below (and the participating partner outlets):
Studio R (Midvalley)
Royal Sporting House (Midvalley)
The Curve
Sunday Pyramid
1 Utama 

Now, why is this run so "well received" that it can be sold out within that short period of time. In comparison to Standard Chartered KL Marathon, it was quite some time before the claimed 20,000 participants signed up.
I believe it's the marketing at work. Nike has been synonymous with sports gears and with the super attractive sign up fee of RM25 (for below 25 years old) or RM35 (above 25 years old) or the "DOUBLE UP" fee of RM40 for TWO person regardless of's easy to see why.
More so was the last year's Nike Run which was really well received and coincide with the October 10, 2010 date.
Nike has (unlike some competitors) put some common sense into their marketing by placing the Running Bib/Number on the Nike T-shirt.
Now, instead of asking the runners to "you must wear our running bib" like how some have no choice if you want to run Nike run...
Thankfully, Nike has a bit more taste with the running-T design and last year was a sell out.
It was sea of yellow as you can see it last year. *image taken from Kinz. Thanks!*
So, what's the theme this year?
Here you can see Joan Yeoh donning the T during the launch.
I love the last year's running-T which i failed to register for. The Red now looked dull in comparison to the Yellow (maybe to prevent any "political" mishap ;-))
Whatever color it is...i say JUST DO IT!

*Stupe is a Nike slut - having done many product reviews about 3 years back. He is now open for more product reviews as a mean to support his racing lifestyle. And no, the registration for his race this time was not sponsored.

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