Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cheaters In Races

The recently concluded King Of Mountain (KOM) race at Cameron has seen Malaysian "sports people" rearing their ugly head again. The route is tough, that is why the race is called KING of MOUNTAIN. There is a reason why the challenge is there to begin with. There is a reason why you signed up, paid good money and prepare for the race.
Most of us average Joes take big pride in finishing a race at our own time. No doubt some rivalry does happen and many times friends turned to foes on the race course - but that is all in the spirit of competition.
I have been racing for years and i be honest that many times, when it is going to get tough, the thoughts of quitting and pulling out or even "cutting" it short comes to mind. Many times i have triumphed over that feeling and i am happy to say i am matured enough to NOT cheat myself.
The personal achievement is only worth that much if you raced the best you could, even if sometimes if meant you did-not-finish or DNF. Most important is your personal DIGNITY. Something no MEDAL or FINISHER T-Shirts can buy for you, with whatever money you have.
Respect the distance. Pay your due. Race your own race. Be proud that you finished it.
And at all cost, tell your brain to STFU and your lungs and legs to HTFU and DON'T FREAKING CHEAT.
Nice Bike. Nice Wheel. Ugly Attitude. Photo taken from Dr. Yap EH's Facebook.
Because some one that is observing the race will catch you doing why bother cycling and claiming you finished King of Mountain when you are nothing but $**t on the mole hill?
If any of you have any photos of others cheating, do send it over to my email and i will help expose them.


  1. Better don't race ler or use a wheel chair and pay ppl to push you up cameron. Hahahah I saw a few doing similar thing also and it is so demotivating to other participant especially the last 1km where others is racing to complete.

  2. I agree...they should just get off the bike and throw it down the ravine. There is no pride in cheating in a race...what more if there is only 1 more freaking km to go?

    I've heard some went into the car...and ride the way up, then come down and ride to finish. champion.

  3. happened 2010 Century ride too.

  4. The first century ride i went..also same. they have the guts to put the bike on the car and ride to finish in car...and then can ask you why you take so long.

    I've since stop going to century ride.

  5. “I've heard some went into the car...and ride the way up, then come down and ride to finish."

    I've been seeing this since century ride 2007.

  6. Shame shame!pay to cheat...booo boo !

  7. Wendy - yeap. That is why i stop going to CR.

    LG - might as well pirate, right?