Friday, October 14, 2011


Along with iOS5 comes Apple's answer to RIM's BBM. We all know there was an outage of service last weekend for RIM devices where millions of users could not receive their email (gasps!!!) and BBM (Louder GASPS!!!).
With all due respect to Blackberry users, the BB device is the perfect portable business device if you don't get blind looking at the small screen and slow browsing speed. For Social media purposes, BB is great too.
However, things are set to change with Apple's iMessage.
Wait, it already changed with iMessage!
(yes, i know i am Apple Fan Boy, so are you that is reading this, no? ;-))
What is iMessage?
Per Apple's release note, iMessage will:
- allow users on iOS5 to send and receive unlimited text, photos and video messages
- allow messages to be tracked and confirmation on delivery status (like the double tick on Whatsapp)
- allow group messaging and data encryption (sound like James Bond already?)
- works on both cellular line and Wi-Fi*
*What this really meant is if Wi-Fi is not available, the message will be sent as SMS. So, local charges applies. :)
The whole deal sounded very much like Whatsapp. The beauty of it is that unlike Whatsapp that could have delay in sending the messages due to congestion at the server, iMessage can be another alternative. You no longer need to toggle between the two if something really important needed to be shared (like just how much you adore
iMessages will be BLUE in the screen with the notation that they are "iMessage". This way, you can also keep track if the sms you sent are through your service provider or Wi-Fi.
With TimeStamp and Delivery status, no less
As i was experimenting them, i noticed that as the other party converse with you, a "bubble" with three dots will show up indicating the other party to be typing a message. That way, you won't need to wonder if you are being ignored...or otherwise ;-)
Dot.Dot.Dot. Someone is responding!
This iMessage is like added a notch up on your Social life quality. You no longer have to reply on Whatsapp if you have full Wi-Fi connection at home or work or travel. At most, you will only incur an international SMS rate, which will be way lower and more manageable compared to data plans (on some certain network carrier). Update : See here for updated info on this
Upgrade your iDevices now to iOS5.
By the way, iMessage works with both phone number and email. Users/owner of devices without cellular network but with Wi-Fi such as iTouch and iPad can use them to iMessage other users already on iOS5.
So, how? time to lay that BB of yours to Gadget Heaven?

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Important Click here for update on iMessage

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